New Cincinnati Bengals Life Coach: Tank Johnson

Tank Johnson has apparently taken on the role of Life Coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, witness this Tweet from Saturday morning:

Tank Johnson Tweet: It's Never Ok To Drink And Tweet

(But wait, there’s more!)

Hopefully Cincy players have Johnson on follow, because never was a man more qualified for that job, or as a player on the Bengals, than Johnson.

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Ocho Cinco Plans On Kissing The Star On Sunday

Last week Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle/convicted felon Tank Johnson got a bit bent out of shape after he felt the Washington Redskins celebrated a bit too much after beating the Cowboys. In particular, Tank was upset with Rock Cartwright for standing on the Cowboys star at midfield and playing to the crowd.

Well, if Tank was ticked off with Rock over just standing on the star, he better hope the Cowboys secondary can keep Chad Ocho Cinco out of the end zone this Sunday. If they can’t, Chad has already got some plans for how he’s going to celebrate.

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Tank Johnson is Not Too Happy with the Redskins

The Dallas Cowboys are essentially the New York Yankees of the NFL. If you’re not a Cowboys fan, then you hate them. There is no NFL fan who is indifferent to the Cowboys.   Still, there’s nobody in this country who hates the Cowboys like the Washington Redskins or a Redskins fan. One friend of mine in particular hates the Cowboys with such a zeal, that if Tony Romo’s corpse was to show up in a dumpster somewhere, I’d seriously have to wonder if it was my friend who killed him.

So there’s no doubt that the Redskins and their fans enjoyed their victory over the Cowboys at Texas Stadium yesterday, but according to one Cowboy, they may have taken things a bit too far. It turns out that Tank Johnson isn’t a very big fan of Washington’s Rock Cartwright at the moment.

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Tank Johnson Doesn’t Blame Bears For Release

AFTER RELEASE, TANK THANKS BEARS FOR THEIR SUPPORT: Over a month after being waived, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED finds that Tank Johnson apparently has no bad feelings toward the Bears organization:

Tank Johnson Bears Fan

Chicago decommissioned Tank on June 25, three days after Johnson was pulled over in Arizona for speeding. It was just the latest in many brushes with the law Tank had to maneuver through.

About his release, Johnson admitted, “I put them in a very hard situation, and I don’t blame them for what they did.”

Tank was already in hot water when unlawful firearms were discovered in his home during a December police search. Despite the legal troubles, he was allowed to join his teammeates for Super Bowl XLI. But after having sideline seats to Rex Grossman’s performance, he might have gotten his punishment, anyway.

Tank Johnson Rex Grossman

But even before the gun show, Johnson had run-ins with the cops, once on a scuffle with a police officer, and a separate misdemeanor weapons charge.

After all the numerous transgressions forced the Monsters of the Midway to tow away Tank, he still thanked the team for what they did for him: “They had supported me through thick and thin. The Bears went to bat for me publicly and more so privately to help me get through this stuff.”

Well, that was nice of him.

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Ashley Judd hockey graduate photo

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Willa Ford photo lingerie engaged

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