Smashed Racquet Shows Federer Is Going Crazy

Roger Federer is not used to losing. Ever. So his ongoing struggles to push above mediocrity are understandably trying not only to Federer’s tennis, but also his mental health. The most glaring proof of that came Friday in Miami, where Federer went Andre Agassi on his racquet, then decided his water cups were better suited to spend time in the stands than in his hands less than a set later.

roger federer racquet

(Photo proof of Federer’s racquet rage, from the MIAMI HERALD.)

Novak Djokovic — a Federer fire-ant past and present — was the culprit driving along this tantrum, which could be the sign of much larger issues for Federer. What started in an emotional meltdown after a memorable Wimbledon loss to Rafael Nadal is starting to get the feel of a grand unraveling, perhaps signaling the long slide of a 13-time Grand Slam winner back to earth.

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Pelé Robbed by Gang at Gunpoint Near São Paulo

One would think being the greatest footballer in the history of this footie-mad nation, the once and future savior of American soccer, and the captain of the Tang Soccer Team would get some preferential treatment from robber gangs that take advantage of São Paulo’s traffic woes to rob slowed cars at gunpoint.

Pelé and the Tang Soccer Team

One would be correct. When those Brazilian thieves recognized the great Pelé, they’ll steal his gold necklace, cell phone, and watch but let the driver keep a few items out of deference to the wondrous Pelé. Now that’s power, boys and girls, that borders on worship.

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