SbB@3: More Cheap Seats For Your Cheap Dates

Howdy, folks. It’s been a week since we last brought you the cheapest seats on STUBHUB.COM that we could find, and rest assured that we haven’t rested in our search to bring you live event entertainment. Because why sit at home with your family/pets/silverware when you can actually go to a game, get slaughtered on concession prices, and then sit in traffic for 3 hours on the way home? Exactly, it’s a no-brainer; you go to the game.

SbB's (Blocked) View From The Week's Cheap(est) Seats

First off, let’s honor one of the great traditions in all of sport: homecoming! No, not the high school homecoming, where the oldest you can come back for the game without being kind of creepy and pervy is 19. We’re talking about college homecoming, where all the students are legal, and if you’re going to come home for a game, why not do it in the exciting, picturesque (we’re assuming) Mid-American Conference?

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Melrose’s Big Mouth Might Cost Him $2.25 Million

I sure hope that Barry Melrose enjoyed going on that Toronto radio station last week and saying that he hopes the Tampa Bay Lightning - the team that fired him 16 games into his first season at the helm - “doesn’t win a game in the next year.” Because it looks like that while he might have fired the first salvo in a war of words with the team, the Lightning might have the equivalent of the atomic bomb left to drop.

Barry Melrose has a message

ROGERS SPORTSNET is reporting that the team’s ownership is looking at filing a breach of contract charge against the Mulleted One, claiming that his comments violated terms of his deal. If the comments were enough to void the contract, that would mean that the Lightning would be off the hook for the rest of the $2.25 million they owe him.

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Melrose Hopes Tampa ‘Doesn’t Win Another Game’

Poor Barry Melrose. For 13 years, he waited for another turn at coaching in the NHL, his career reduced to Token Hockey Guy on ESPN. Then this June, he finally gets the call from the Tampa Bay Lightning, who install him as a head coach. Unfortunately, the experiment is a disaster; their 18-year-old “star,” #1 pick Steven Stamkos, is in so far over his head that even Melrose admits flat-out that Stamkos is “not ready for the NHL.” The Lightning register a 5-7-4 record in their first 16 games, and Melrose is unceremoniously dumped.

Barry Melrose Tampa Bay Lightning
(This was the last time he ever smiled.)

Will the charismatic, bemulleted former coach slink back to Bristol with his tail between his legs? No, not quite; while Melrose is set to return to ESPN on January 1, he held no punches when talking with Toronto’s FAN 590 about his time in Tampa Bay. Let’s start right out with the biggest haymaker thrown: “I hope Tampa Bay doesn’t win a game for the rest of the year.”

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Barry Melrose Fired, Replaced By Felon Tocchet

Well, I guess the Tampa Bay Lightning are disappointed in ESPN’s hockey coverage this year, too, because they’ve decided to kick coach Barry Melrose to the curb after just 16 games. The ‘Ning are off to a 5-7-4 start, which isn’t very good but also not necessarily enough time to really know that Barry’s going to be a failure.

Barry Melrose

Even worse, the team has decided to promote convicted gambling promoter Rick Tocchet to interim head coach. Ouch, Barry. First, you leave that cushy TV job where you get to show off that mullet every night and bring joy to the world with your pronunciations of “ay-gaynst” and “organ-eye-zation,” and now the team thinks it’s better off with a criminal coaching the team.

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ESPN Pays Video Tribute to Tampa-Bound Melrose

We reported yesterday that Barry Melrose was leaving the comfy confines of the ESPN studios for the back of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s bench.

Barry Melrose Tampa Bay Lightning

But instead of just a simple statement wishing him the best in his future endeavors (i.e. Sean Salisbury), the Worldwide Leader decided to throw together a little tribute to their favorite - and as far as we know, only - hockey analyst (video after the jump): Read more…

Melrose Bolting Bristol To Take Tampa Bay Job

Seems that Barry Melrose would rather be employed in sunny Florida than cold Connecticut, as the ESPN hockey analyst has been hired to become the new coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

We wouldn’t have really believe it, had it not been reported by the Worldwide Leader themselves.

Barry Melrose and the Tampa Bay Lightning

Barry has always been fun to watch, even if his SportsCenter segments were usually slotted way later in the telecasts (such as it is when ESPN doesn’t broadcast NHL games). But Melrose must have had a bad itch to be back behind the bench - an itch that evenings spent with Steve Levy or John Buccigross just couldn’t scratch.

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Are The Lightning Actually Hiring Barry Melrose?

Welp, there goes ESPN’s entire hockey department. (Maybe.) Barry Melrose is the center of a semi-opaque rumor that he’s going to be the next head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, even 24 hours after his parent company ran a story saying he was “enjoying his life as an ESPN analyst,” that he always gets asked to coach an NHL team every year, and would rather keep his current position in Bristol.

Barry Melrose and the Tampa Bay Lightning

And yet here we are, with Tampa expected to hire Melrose and fire John Tortorella, the man under whom they won a Stanley Cup.

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