Erin Andrews Gets Caught In A Cosby Sandwich

Erin Andrews spends the NFL Draft surrounded by Cosbys (Quan & Dr. Bill, respectively), and hilarity ensues.

Erin Andrews Bill Cosby Quan Cosby

(Can’t you just feel the excitement?)

Jacoby Ellsbury steals home, Red Sox steal three straight from Yankees.

• It seems that NASCAR won’t be happy until somebody gets killed.

• Beer pong? Budweiser wants in on the upcoming table tennis craze.

Kobe wanted complete creative control over Spike Lee’s day-in-the-life documentary about him.

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We Miss Pro Sports Events Named After Cigarettes

With the Daytona 500 right around the corner (Feb. 17), we thought we’d get you primed for the race with this handsome video from the 1986 Winston 500 in Talladega - in which a fan steals the pace car:

Pace Car Stolen Winston 500 Talledega 1986

We really had a fondness for major sporting events named after cigarettes. Where’d the magic go?