Royals Skipper Says God Talks To Him. Okay Then

We don’t normally make it a point to mock other peoples’ religion; One of the nastiest things you can do to someone is dismiss their most fervently held beliefs, after all. Yet at the same time, crazy behavior is crazy behavior, no matter where it all stems from, and when a sitting Major League manager professes to take professional advice from God, well, we must comment.

Trey Hillman Talks To Not People
(”Let us pray. Very good. Your stoic silence is an inspiration to us all.”)

That’s Royals manager Trey Hillman, apparently trying to convert some crash test dummies. Actually, we’re told that’s the Royals’ bullpen lineup for 2009. We digress. Hillman is very, very Christian. He’s much more Christian than you are. If Christianity were an eating disorder, you would be able to play the xylophone on Hillman’s ribs. And unlike you, borderline heathen, Hillman doesn’t even need unrequited faith, because according to the KANSAS CITY STAR, God tells him personally (!!!)¬†what to do: Read more…