Japan League’s ‘Opening Catch’ In Wedding Dress

Among the Rites of Spring for me is relentless attacks on my inbox from minor league baseball teams touting lame-o promotions. Having worked in minor league baseball myself, I thought by now that every possible cultural reference had been expended in an attempts to drum up artificial interest in a baseball game.

Sayaka Isoyama wedding dress 1st pitch photos


But then I forgot about the women populating the only other industry more effective at extracting publicity from, well, nothing: Japanese Gravure Idols.

Gravure idols are Japan’s version of Hooters Girls, without being on Dick Vitale’s christmas card list. The “idols” typically start off as bikini models for men’s mags and videos. Often, they can build a reasonably large in-country profile, but the shelf-life of of a Japanese Idol’s legitimate career is usually short, with many turning to, you guessed it, porn.

Sayaka Isoyama wedding dress 1st pitch photos

26-year-old “idol” Sayaka Isoyama is one of the exceptions, thanks to her extreme penchant for publicity. At a Japanese Baseball League game on Saturday, Isoyama took part in the first pitch ceremony as the catcher while wearing a wedding dress. After sighting a sign between Isoyama’s legs, Chiba Lotte Marines outfielder Takashi Ogino unleashed a fastball right down the co .. er .. never mind.

There was no sponsorship involved, just Isoyama continuing to flog one of her recent publicity themes in which she pretends to attempt to find a man to marry. Seriously.

And you just knew she had to blog about it!

Sayaka Isoyama wedding dress 1st pitch photos

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