Michigan, Where Even Tailgating Is A “Nuisance”

One of our favorite aspects of going to college, especially at a Big Ten school, was tailgating. No surprise, really; it combined three of our favorite things about life: drinking, football, and debauchery. Bomb a test? No worries, just make it to Saturday morning, and six beers later you’re not thinking about any exams, just that co-ed with the lewd t-shirt in front of you (NOTE: your tailgating experiences may vary).

Michigan tailgating BOX House
(My God, the horror of it all. Don’t you see what you’re doing to society, children?! You’re ripping it apart!)

But even in the Big Ten, there are worrywarts and spoilsports, agents of tailgate ruination whose agenda matters more to them than does your ability to have a good time. To that end, the most overly self-conscious school in the BXI whose name doesn’t rhyme with “Borthwestern” is trying to fundamentally alter tailgating, both in terms of behavior and consumption. It’s for your own good, you know.

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UGA Tailgating Essentials: Burgers, Brats, Caviar?

Let’s feel a moment of pity for the Georgia Bulldogs: the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Coke Orgy Okay Back To Cocktail Party has been largely dominated by Florida recently, with the Gators winning 16 of the last 19 and heavily favored to make it 17 of 20 this fall. So Georgia needs to figure out a way to, y’know, stick it to their neighbors to the south.

Georgia Caviar
(Hope you don’t mind if we pass. On the fish eggs, we mean.)

But if football’s out of the question, well, what about tailgating? It’s as much of a group activity as watching football games, and at least Georgia has a fighting chance since their fans were born with livers just like Florida fans and perhaps an impasse can be made. Sooo, naturally, Georgia’s firing their next salvo in the rivalry: caviar.

Wait, what?

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Go-Kouch Is The High Point Of Cleveland’s Season

Where else but Cleveland would fans be so fat and lazy as to have rigged up a couch with a motor to transport them between tailgate parties? OK, maybe Green Bay. Minnesota too. All right, Philly. And East Rutherford. And Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Detroit. That’s not the point.


The point is, Cleveland cops have had just about enough of the “Go-Kouch,” one inspired fan’s preferred method of transportation. Via BUSTED COVERAGE, Mike Meredith was ticketed last month for driving an unregistered vehicle, and having expired plates (yes, it has license plates.) But Cleveland fans, unlike the Browns, are not taking this lying down. Or, comfortably reclining, I suppose. (Video of the Go-Kouch in action, after the jump.)

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Beer Can Jousting Fun For Fans Of Chivalry, Beer

This is kind of a tailgating post, but it’s also a post about a new sport that I think has quite the future. Ground zero for the spread of beer can jousting — do I even have to tell you? — is Philadelphia, more specifically the parking lot outside Lincoln Financial Field.

Beer Knight

(Close but not quite.)

The rules of the game are simple. Drink ten beers. Duct tape said cans together. Find equally drunk friend. Hop on his back and ride your valiant steed toward victory (Video of these mighty warriors after the jump).

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$100 To Tailgate In Norfolk? You’d Have To Pay Me

Tailgating is big business. Two week ago at Giants Stadium, I saw a custom-made RV with a fold-out barbecue pit and walk-in refrigerator in the luggage compartment. But that’s the pros. Yoy might even pay to tailgate at a big college football game. But how much would you pay to tailgate at a Norfolk State football game?

NSU Tailgating

(She’s gonna cost you a little more than $100.)

Yes, the Norfolk State Spartans, those 3-6 juggernauts of the 1-AA MEAC conference, are charging $100 a car and $125 an RV just to crack open a few brewskis in the parking lot before a game. That doesn’t even include a ticket to the game. The only recourse for fans is to try and drink $100 worth of Natty Ice to offset the fee. That’ll end well.

What’s your favorite tailgating treat?

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BlogJam: Toledo Ranks Number One at Something

  • JALOPNIK brings you the “Ten Best Tailgating Vehicles,” which includes Toledo fans and their ambulance - which would be a more appropriate tailgating vehicle for Mets fans.
  • Toledo Jambulance

  • DEADSPIN examines the role jerseys will have in today’s tilt of college football games. Penn State responds to Georgia’s Blackout with Whiteout?
  • THE 700 LEVEL spots Sarah Palin at “Pat Burrell’s favorite pick up spot, the Irish Pub.
  • END ZONE BUZZ ranks “Tebow Vacations at Neverland Ranch” as their number two pick of the “Inappropriate Signs of the Week” from today’s College GameDay crowd in Athens. We’d give you number one but its…inappropriate.
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LSU Fan: “We Don’t Want No N****** In The City”

RUMORS AND RANTS has some very sad, pathetic video of LSU fans tailgating before the BCS Championship game (very NSFW).

Some of the comments made by LSU supporters when asked about a housing project being demolished in New Orleans get beyond ugly. For those of you without sound, or in a work environment, those comments are transcribed after the jump.
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