Video: Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong w/Nunchucks

I’d say we’re all a little footballed out. After a week in which half of the games were decided by more than two touchdowns, and the ones that weren’t included the Browns-Colts and Bills-Niners crapfests, I think it’s time for a sport in which the winning side is guaranteed to put up 21 points: table-tennis.

Bruce Lee

Before you go deleting your bookmarks, I found the one thing that can possibly make table tennis cool. After mastering the ancient Chinese art of asskickery, Bruce Lee mastered the ancient Chinese art of ping pong. And because playing with a paddle would be unfair to any mortal opponents, Lee plays the game with nunchucks. Yep, there’s video, and yep, you’ll want to click through. (Enter the dragon, after the jump.)

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How To Popularize Table Tennis: Show More Skin

One of Beijing’s dirty little secrets (after the gag-inducing smog), is that the Olympics folks have had trouble attracting viewers to particular events. Some athletes have performed to near-empty stadiums, and there doesn’t appear to be an easy solution.

Olympic Table Tennis

One problem is that corporate sponsors aren’t using their tickets, but bad weather and visa problems are also to blame. Cardboard cut-outs are an option, as are recruiting volunteers to spend an afternoon watching a sport they otherwise wouldn’t.

And then there’s this: Sexing up the proceedings so that people are fighting for seats. Shockingly, women’s table tennis doesn’t have much of a following, which is why the players are being nudged to dress like strippers*:

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