Former Partyer Russell Martin Is Whipped, Happily

In this episode of “As The Dodgers Turn,” we learn some interesting things about catcher Russell Martin. Like: he might have had a drinking problem! And: it’s OK now, because his hot girlfriend has him whipped and he’s over all the partying!

Marikym Hervieux

You know things might have been bad when T.J. Simers feels the need to mention that during this interview, Martin wasn’t hung over. But that all changed when he met his muse, model Marikym Hervieux. Let’s delve inside Martin’s demons, and see more of the woman who changed him, after the jump.

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Down And Out Athlete? Watch Out For LA Times!

Former USC tailback Anthony Davis’ supposed bleak financial condition is well-known here in Southern California. Davis has been so desperate for attention in the past that he agreed to have his gastric bypass surgery televised. So there Davis was last Saturday, set up at a tailgate area before the USC-UW game, selling his autograph for $10.

Anthony Davis

(Can’t we save the long knives for another former USC tailback?)

Lucky for Davis that T.J. Simers of the LOS ANGELES TIMES also happened to be there, ready to drop the hammer on his dastardly activities.

When Simers asked Davis, “is it really cool to charge for your autograph?”, everything would’ve been fine is A.D. had just answered, “Hell yeah! Mind your own damn business.”

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Brog: It’ll Be Maker’s-Free Day At Coli On Saturday

Back home in Los Angeles after my six-day skein north of the border. It rained most of my last day in Toronto with SbB Girl Wendy, so we were inside much of the day …

SbB Girl Wendy in Toronto Hotel Room

Not that I was complaining.

I’m now counting down the days to Saturday, as My Boy Barry has me ticketed inside the Coli, liveblogging the USC-Ohio State game. We’ll also have photos from the pregame tailgate, like our UCLA-Tennessee presentation, and some postgame ruminations.

Yeah, I hate to be saddled with all that responsible journo stuff that day, but I do feel the need to give you an unadulterated accounting of the what it’s really like to attend the game of that magnitude in Lipstick City so I’ll have to wait until the Oregon State game to really wade into the Maker’s.

You know that happens when you’re a celebrity, make a lot of money and surround yourself with only people who agree with you. And then agree to do an unsupervised interview with an accredited media member?

Stephon Marbury head tattoo video capture

This happens.

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Mike Dunleavy Is So, SO Fired (Not That You Care)

T.J. Simers scores the rarest of exclusives, a wide-ranging interview with L.A.’s most lovable slumlord and purveyor of prostitution, L.A. Clippers Owner Donald T. Sterling. Yippee!

Mike Dunleavy

Sterling immediately drops an H-bomb on Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy and fake GM Elgin Baylor, saying “I want to make L.A. fans proud of this team, but if [Baylor and Dunleavy] can’t make it happen, then I have no choice but to make changes.

Later in the piece, Sterling says Al Thornton will be a good player if “he gets some coaching.” And Corey Maggette would be a better player with “aggressive coaching.

So take one guess why Dunleavy isn’t fired already.

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The Dinosaur Media Do Indeed Eat Their Young

In the aftermath of UCLA’s reluctant hiring of slick Rick Neuheisel, T.J. Simers of the L.A. TIMES notes that earlier this month, the LAT’s UCLA beat writer Chris Foster reported “Former Washington and Colorado coach Rick Neuheisel will not be considered for the job, according to one of the sources.KLAC Roggin Simers Squared

It’s a little surprising to see Simers so willing to embarrass a fellow dinosaur media member. But then again, we are talking about a man who was blown out as morning host on KLAC-AM in Los Angeles earlier this year after being exposed as the insufferable, petulant narcissist that he is.

In the same piece about Neuheisel, Simers next turns his bile-spewing hose on Times UCLA blogger Rich Perelman, who Simers records “was reporting a different story at the same time, quoting a ‘credible source’ who was telling him ‘that UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero took a flight to San Francisco for the purpose of speaking with Oregon State coach Mike Riley [Saturday] morning about the UCLA head coaching position.’ That must have been one terrible interview, or a credible source now lacking only one thing — credibility.

After an afternoon of cannibalizing his Tribune Co. cohorts, Simers then sprays UCLA over school Chancellor Gene Block’s press release on the UCLA football coach hire: “I’m pleased to welcome Rick Neuheisal back into the UCLA family . . .

Simers: “The UCLA family later sent out a correction — spelling Neuheisel’s name correctly.”

T.J. Simers Tracy Simers

Yes, the UCLA family can be rather dysfunctional. And after listening to Simers and his daughter Tracy on their ill-fated KLAC morning show, it’s obvious no one has family dysfunction drilled down better than T.J..