OkSt. Player Hits Ex-Teammate In Face With Bottle

Ugly, strange story out of Stillwater, Okla., today as Jamie Blatnick, a starting defensive end on the Oklahoma State football team, has been cited, “for felony aggravated assault and battery following an alleged fight with a former teammate inside a local bar.”

Nick Blatnick hit Steve Denning with beer bottle in the face

(Blatnick and Denning)

From Oklahoma City’s DAILY OKLAHOMAN:

According to a news release issued by the Stillwater Police Department, witnesses told officers that Blatnick fought with former Cowboy Stephen Denning inside J.R. Murphy’s, a club located at 306 S. Washington, starting the scuffle by striking Denning in the face with a beer bottle.

Denning, a former offensive lineman who completed his eligibility in 2008 and graduated this year, was taken by police officers to the hospital, where he was treated for a fractured orbital socket. In addition, he required several stitches to his left upper eyelid and upper cheekbone.

In the release, officers reported that Denning was “bleeding profusely” from a cut on his left eye.

Denning was also cited for a misdemeanor complaint of assault after he “forced his way through several officers in an attempt to continue the fight.”

Denning was eventually tasered. Read more…

Dallas To Rip College FB HOF From South Bend?

For many years some of the top high school football talent in Texas — a state ripe with football players — have ventured north to South Bend, Indiana, to play football at Notre Dame. Well, now it seems that the state of Texas would like to take something back from South Bend for itself. Specifically, the College Football Hall of Fame.

College Football Hall of Fame

Dallas mayor Tom Leppert has joined a star-studded group of people including Roger Staubach, Deion Sanders, and T. Boone Pickens in campaigning to have the Hall of Fame relocated to Dallas where Leppert believes that they can bring a lot more to the experience.

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NASCAR Track Owner Pulling Into The Poorhouse

The country’s current economic woes are hitting one disadvantaged group the hardest - billionaire sports figures. We already know of the financial misfortune of T. Boone Pickens, the Oklahoma State Cowboys benefactor ready to pledge $165 million to his alma mater - had he not just lost a bundle in the market. But Boone can take some comfort knowing he’s not the only rich sports guy who’s having money problems.

Bruton Smith NASCAR track owner

(”Hey buddy, how ’bout a handout for a billionaire NASCAR owner who’s down on his luck?“)

NASCAR big wig Bruton Smith also appears to be on the fast track to the poorhouse. The speedway & auto retail owner has apparently taken a huge bath over Wall Street’s woes. How much money has Smith seen gone down the drain? It appears Bruton is out … ONE BILLION DOLLARS! (places pinky at corner of mouth)

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OK St.: Up To 15,000 Empty Seats For OU Game

Should Oklahoma State find a way to get by Texas Tech tonight, we’ll be set up for one of the great rivalry games in years when Oklahoma visits Stillwater in three weeks. Heck, even if the Cowboys don’t beat the Red Raiders tonight, it will still be a game that could decided the champion of the Big 12 South.

Oklahoma State

(Feel the excitement, Cowpokes!)

Good luck getting in to the game, though. I mean, it’s gotta be sold out, right? Actually, no. In fact, there’s at least 15,000 tickets available right now, and the way things are going, most of those 15,000 seats will still be empty on game day. Whaaaaaa?

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Slim Pickens For OK State’s Record $165M Gift

Oklahoma State is hosting Baylor on homecoming in Boone Pickens Stadium as we speak, but give the stock market just a few more “corrections” and Mr. Pickens might be thinking about selling those naming rights. You see, there’s a little matter of $165 million that he promised the school, and he might not be able to come up with that money.

T. Boone Pickens

You may recognize T. Boone Pickens from those commercials where he talks to you in a soothing voice while windmills turn in the background. If you’re like me, you assumed he’s a fringe presidential candidate. But no, he’s pushing alternative energy, which isn’t surprising for someone who’s invested so much money in wind power. He’s also invested money in his alma mater, Oklahoma State. And that’s where the problem lies.

In December of 2005, Pickens pledged $165 million to the Cowboys athletic department to build an athletic village, which must be something like an Olympic village, except nobody lives there because they’re students and they all have dorms. Anyway, it was the single largest donation in college history — and that’s any college, not just OK State.) That’s pretty generous, but Pickens wasn’t done yet. He wanted that donation to grow and grow, so he invested it in his own hedge fund. Starting to see what might have gone wrong?

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Lisa Guerrero: Off The Air & On The Blogosphere

Lisa Guerrero - from primetime sidelines to blogging for the L.A. Times.

Lisa Guerrero MNF bra

• Bet the Philadelphia Police Bomb Squad feels like a bunch of wieners for blowing up a box of the Phillie Phanatic’s hot dogs.

• Ex-Nebraska RB Thunder Collins heals wounded Huskers’ hearts by saying he’s didn’t die in an apparent drug deal gone wrong.

Plaxico Burress’ two-week timeout could be explained by troubles at home.

• Remember all that money T. Boone Pickens gave to Oklahoma State to build up the Cowboys’ athletic facilities? Well, he might want some of that back.

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OSU Cowboys Benefactor Pickens Down $1 Billion

Oklahoma State booster and wealthy oil man with a plan T. Boone Pickens tells the WALL STREET JOURNAL (via THE WIZ OF ODDS) he’s down a cool billion with a B dollars thanks to deflating hedge funds.

All in, the funds have lost around $1 billion this year, a figure that includes $270 million of personal losses. “It’s my toughest run in 10 years,” said Mr. Pickens.

Not surprisingly, the folks in Stillwater are a touch nervous about whats happening with their sugar daddy. Read more…