Clearly Title IX Doesn’t Apply To Police Procedure

Monday night UNC beat Duke in a women’s basketball game, and Edward G. Robinson III (apparently his real name) of the RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER (via FANHOUSE) reports on an ensuing celebration that almost led to the arrest of North Carolina women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell.

UNC Cheerleader

(UNC celebration visual aid)

Excerpt: “After her third-ranked Tar Heels defeated 11th-ranked Duke on Monday night, Hatchell instructed the team bus driver to head down Franklin Street so she and a few players could throw toilet paper on a tree in front of Sutton’s Drug Store.

Tossing paper over two trees, with a few fans coming out of bars to watch, the Tar Heels were in full celebration mode until a local police car pulled up — bright lights blinking — to stop the festivities.Read more…