Daughter Of Randy Moss Adjusts To Own New Team

Recently NFL star Randy Moss was traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings after expressing dissatisfaction with the Pats.

Sydney Moss

So how will things end up working out for Moss after his extraordinary move? It’s almost impossible to know how he’ll adjust, but if he takes his cue from his daughter, Vikings fans may soon be happy.

Rising high school junior Sydney Moss is already one of the best female basketball players in the country, with scholarship offers from many of the top college basketball programs around the country. But two years ago, Moss was entering her third school in just four years and had an attitude that reportedly was a “concern.” (She quit her high school team as a freshman and transferred.) Read more…

Moss’ 8th Grade Daughter a Hit with HS Hoopsters

It’s not all that unsurprising to hear that a professional athlete’s son or daughter is also talented at sports or possesses athletic physical qualities. That’s just how hereditary genes work. Yes, my father is a brilliant writer and a super genius, thanks for asking.

Moss Fro

So finding out that Randy Moss’ daughter Sydney is getting her glisten and gloss on for a high school varsity team — as an eighth grader — seems just about right. Read more…