Streaker Upstages David Beckham Vancouver Exhibition Game

BECKHAM LEAVES (STREAK) MARK NORTH OF THE BORDER: Now that the MLS season is over for the Los Angeles Galaxy (at least that’s what we hear), it makes perfect sense for David Beckham to play on a gimpy knee and ankle in an exhibition on artificial turf against sub-standard opposition.

Streaker At Beckham Game

That was the case last night in Vancouver. And we’re happy to report that somehow, by the grace of god, Becks wasn’t injured (again)! And from the most noteworthy photos and video from the game, it’s also heartening to note that he finally made his (streak) mark north of the border.

David Beckham has truly been a blessing to those of us in SoCal this summer, and it’s about time we shared the wealth with our toque-wearing continental brethren.

Swiss Chalet

And after this profound gesture of goodwill from the L.A. Galaxy, perhaps we will finally realize our first SoCal Swiss Chalet franchise (oh how our hearts ache for poutine).