Challenger Takes Belt From Klitschko - Literally

The recent rise of MMA has led many to opine the death of boxing as a legitimate sport.  Shady promoters, a lack of heavyweight stars, and scandals in and out of the ring make boxing look more than ever like a cousin of the ballet known as professional wrestling.  Fortunately, Vitali Klitschko and Samuel Peter are here to return the sweet science to its former glory.  Or not.

Look dumb or mean, either one.

According to ESPN.COM:

The two fighters — both called champions by the WBC — were engaged in the routine pre-fight stare-down with both holding the belt. Peter, urged by trainer Stacy McKinley, then snatched it from Klitschko’s grasp. Klitschko looked surprised, then bemused.

So, why wasn’t titleholder Klitschko angered by the theft?

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