Florida Opens Season As Trillion-Point Favorites

We do not condone gambling. Except where it’s legal, but even then, bet with your head, not over it. That’s what the commercials tell us, anyway. But if you enjoy following sports lines for non-monetary, recreational purposes (and who doesn’t like that more than wagering money, areweright??), then there’s probably no more fascinating sport to watch than college football, where lines can vary from straight-up to, in rare cases, over 50 points. Oh, and everywhere inbetween. It makes even the most laughable of blowouts interesting.

Tim Tebow all muddy
(The game got out of hand when Tebow ripped the linebacker to shreds with his bare hands.)

But then there’s situations like what we’ve got in Gainesville. The defending champion Florida Gators open their season with perennial whipping boys Charleston Southern, who annually appear on a I-A schedule or two, only to get destroyed by about eight touchdowns. Florida, though, is not your ordinary team, and they’re notorious for running up the score in early games. So to that end, the USA TODAY has, essentially, predicted one of the worst beatings of the decade and made it the line for the game.

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