Rich Eisen Fondly Remembers Semi-Nude Spa Moment With Tom Coughlin

EISEN MISSES MASSAGE MEETINGS W/COACH COUGHLIN: Steve Greenberg of the SPORTING NEWS sits down for a lovely chat with Rich Eisen, the former ESPN anchor who now shills for the NFL Network. (That would explain why you don’t see much of Richie nowadays.)

Rich Eisen younger days

Anyway, Greenberg asks Eisen about various topics, such as what he misses most about the Worldwide Leader (Patrick, Olbermann, Kilborn, Stuart Scott), his favorite studio host (Ernie Johnson), and if he would call himself a journalist or entertainer (”How about an infotainer?“).Steve also brings up Eisen’s marriage to sideline reporter Suzy Shuster, which somehow makes Rich “something of a god.” Eisen responds, “My wife would love to hear that, although she wouldn’t put me up that high.”

Alycia Lane

But some other female reporters would, like this sports anchor from Philadelphia.And you would have to wonder why, after hearing what Eisen says is his most memorable moment from going “Total Access”:

Sitting in a spa waiting room and having Tom Coughlin walk in wearing the same white terry cloth towel. Our massages were scheduled for the same time and were supposed to have just started, so he walked up to the counter upset and let ‘em have it.”

Tom Coughlin men in towels

Of all the real and fake responses to offer, Eisen chooses the story of spending some semi-nude seconds with the New York Giants’ head coach.Ohhhhhh-kaaaaaaaaay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)