Bengals Linebacker Tests Positive For Steroids

After the Bengals fell to 0-4 a couple of weeks ago, Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco Cero Cinco came up with a theory as to why the team was losing.   “We have cleaned house and nobody is getting in trouble anymore — no DUIs, no arrests.  Now we’re getting … whupped. I don’t know. Maybe I should go out, have a drink, get in trouble.”   Chad didn’t live up to his word, and as a result, the Bengals went and got beat by the Cowboys last Sunday.

Darryl Blackstock

Now it appears that somebody has heard Chad’s call to arms.   He didn’t get drunk and go driving around Cincinnati, get into any bar fights, or pick up any underage girls, but reserve linebacker Darryl Blackstock did get himself suspended.

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Plaxico’s Home Life Hasn’t Been All That Great

Yesterday the news broke that the New York Giants had suspended their star receiver Plaxico Burress for two weeks (one game) after he didn’t show up for practice on Monday, and didn’t respond to the team’s phone calls.  Well, while the Giants won’t say exactly what Plaxico has told them in regards to his absence, it probably has something to do with his home life.

Over the last few months there have been a couple of domestic disturbance calls into local police at the Burress household.   Apparently he and the wife have had a couple of arguments.

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Giants Suspend Plaxico Burress For Two Weeks

I’ve often heard that the NFL is a “copycat” league. In other words, if one team does something and it works, every other team in the league is going to try and do it too. Apparently the latest hot new trend spreading across the league is that of team’s suspending their best wide receivers for being insubordinate little punks.

First the Carolina Panthers suspended Steve Smith for two games after he broke Ken Lucas‘ nose in a fight, and despite not having their top receiver, the Panthers started the season 2-0. Now the defending champion New York Giants have followed suit, and they’re suspending Plaxico Burress as well.

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Another Neaux-Neaux Lands Perrilloux On Bench

A hat tip to EDSBS originally, and expanded on further by the BATON ROUGE ADVOCATE: Louisiana State’s projected starting QB Ryan Perrilloux is taking another unexpected sabbatical from the Tigers for the third time in nine months.

Ryan Perrilloux

Head coach and hat filler Les Miles is citing “a failure to follow team rules” as the reason for the QB’s indefinite suspension (usually translating to ditching classes or other things of that nature), but let’s just say there’s precedent for this not lasting too long.

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Up To 25 Florida State Players Possibly Suspended From Music City Bowl

SEMINOLES COULD SUSPEND UP TO 25 FROM BOWL GAME: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that up to 25 Florida State players may be suspended from playing in this year’s Music City Bowl - if not longer.

Chief Osceola Florida State Test Cheating

The suspensions seem to stem from an earlier cheating scandal uncovered at the Tallahassee school back in September.Although two football players have already been penalized, the new suspensions may mean more cheaters were found among the Seminoles’ sidelines.

Florida State is scheduled to face Kentucky on December 31. Spending New Year’s Eve in Nashville may not be fun for FSU, but there should be better ways of getting out of it than this.

Simon Says He’s Seeking Counseling After Stomp

ISLES’ SIMON TAKING TIME OFF AFTER SAT. SKATE STOMP: After stomping on the foot of an opposing player, hockey goon Chris Simon is going to take a little time off:

Chris Simon Islanders

The NEW YORK TIMES reports that the Islanders forward is taking a paid leave of absence in order to undergo counseling, according to team owner Charles Wang.

During Saturday’s game against Pittsburgh, Simon was heading to the bench, when he snuck up on the Penguins’ Jarkko Ruuttu and stomped his skate on the player’s foot:

It’s not even the first time this year Chris has attempted injury on the ice. Back in March, Simon was suspended 25 games for hitting the Rangers’ Ryan Hollweg in the face with his stick:

Simon has already been suspended six times in his NHL career, with #7 likely coming on Tuesday. When asked why Simon hasn’t been shipped out, coach Ted Nolan responded, “The easiest thing to do is to make the problem go away. We’re much more compassionate than that.”

Plus, they don’t want Simon showing up at Nassau Coliseum in another team’s jersey, looking for revenge.