Boom Goes The Oscars; A Very Perverted Coach

• And the Oscar goes to … Will Smith, for “Boom Goes The Dynamite!”

Boom Goes The Dynamite guy Will Smith

• An Oregon basketball coach has sex with underage girls, then waits until the statute of limitations runs out before admitting to it. You stay classy, Howard Avery!

• So much for skimming off of MLB prospects’ contracts to fund gay clubs.

• A Moroccan woman overcomes homelessness, an arranged marriage and a maternal beatdown to win in her MMA debut.

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Soccer Coach Ditches Team To Be On “Survivor”

Does anyone out there watch Survivor? (I have a no-crappy-TV rule in my apartment.) Do you know Benjamin? He’s the one with the weird Hebrew tattoo. Is he as much of a douchebag on the show as he apparently is in real life?

Ben Wade

Ben Wade skipped out on his job as Southwest Baptist University women’s soccer head coach in mid-season to go film the show - without telling the school about it. When he got back, the school deservedly greeted him with a pink slip. Enjoy the schadenfreude, after the jump.

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49er Patrick Willis Likes Cold Baths & Phil Collins

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis is a pretty good football player. We know this because even though he plays on a team that never makes an appearance on national television these days, and has won only 10 games in the last two seasons, Willis was named the Defensive Rookie of the Year last season, and was chosen for his second Pro Bowl in as many seasons earlier this week. If he were playing for the New York Giants or Dallas Cowboys, he would probably be talked about in the media as the next Ray Lewis.

Patrick Willis

So Patrick has been good enough at football in his first two seasons to start causing people to wonder what it is that he does before a game to get himself ready to dominate. After all, a lot of professional athletes have odd superstitions that they follow before every game. Patrick is no different, though I’m pretty sure he’s the only player in the NFL willing to admit that Phil Collins is a must-listen before each contest.

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Blog-O-Rama: Phillies Snuggling w/Survivor Gals

• THE FIGHTINS’ find the Phillies cornering the market on dating ex-Survivor contestants. The latest coupling: Kyle Kendrick & Stephenie LaGrossa.

Kyle Kendrick Phillies Stephenie LaGrossa Survivor

• HOME RUN DERBY spots dinosaurs running amok at U.S. Cellular Field, and they don’t mean Ken Griffey Jr.

• DEADSPIN swears that ESPN should stay away from doing live TV commercials.

• Dan Steinberg’s BEIJING SPORTS SMOG has the poop on the strange recycling rules in the Olympic media restrooms.

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