You’re With Me, Bikini: ESPN Loves Girls’ Surfing

OK, where’s the ESPN ombudsman? Further blurring the line between “mainstream” sports sites, blogs and, well, skin mags, the WWL rolled out a piece on Wednesday entitled “They’ve Got The Look,” which chronicles the up-and-coming sport of female surfing. And what would an in-depth ESPN take on surfing be without zillions of photos of attractive girls in bikinis?

You’re not fooling anyone, ESPN, with your bikini surfer chicks and your pro volleyball coverage and your Erin Andrews. You’re just as prurient as the rest of us. Also, it has come to my attention that many of the girls pictured in your feature are not yet 18. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that you’re ESPN; you’re supposed to look down your nose at that type of thing. But let’s get right to the ESPN article, with quotes which remind us more of the Penthouse Letters Forum than anything. And more photos from a VANITY FAIR shoot of the girls below. Read more…

Hawaii Realizes It’s Surrounded By Water

In something that seems like it should have started a long time ago, Hawaii will hold the state’s first official high school surfing meet, as reported by the HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN.

hawaii high schoolers surf

Contest officials, coaches and students, some who have been pushing for years to have the Department of Education embrace the sport, say surfing should get the recognition it deserves in a state known for its world-class waves and beaches.

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