ATL Man Didn’t Fudge Details In 2 Packer Homes

The GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE tells the strange story of Michael Holton, a Milwaukee native living in Atlanta. Holton takes sports team obsession to a new level, having purchased two homes near Lambeau Field and renovating them with insane Packer-inspired furnishings.

Michael Holton

The home nearest Lambeau, described by Holton as “place for men, designed by men, has the requisite memorabilia and a layout driven to perfect the Lambeau tailgate experience. That explains one of the Packer palaces including “a flat screen featuring a live camera shot of Lambeau above a urinal in a main floor bathroom.” (more photos of the home)

Many locals, as you would expect, wonder what Holton’s true intentions are with the homes. That is, if the dwelling re-dos are designed as money makers or for publicity for Holton’s home improvement business in Atlanta.

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