Super Bowl Hero David Tyree Released By Giants

After Giants WR David Tyree’s famous, game-saving catch in Super Bowl XLII, the previously unknown wide receiver was hailed as a breakout star in the making. Eli Manning called him a “gamer,” the catch itself was voted the most memorable play in Super Bowl history, and Tyree seemed destined for big money either with the Giants or elsewhere. In a major media market like New York, stardom and celebrity seemed like a perfect step for the man who had already overcome so much.

David Tyree Super Bowl catch

Unfortunately, that overnight success story never quite happened. Eighteen months after David Tyree seemed to cement himself as a New York Giants legend, the hero of Super Bowl XLII is now unemployed.

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Writer Who Broke Super Bowl Spying Out Of Work

The New York Giants didn’t beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. No, it was the BOSTON HERALD’s John Tomase and his February 2nd story about the Pats taping the Rams’ walkthrough before Super Bowl XXXVI that caused New England to fall short of a perfect season.

Boston Herald Sorry Pats

Eli Manning’s very un-Eli-like fourth quarter performance, David Tyree’s spectacular catch, and the Giants’ pass rush had nothing to do with the Pats waiting until SB XLII to lose a game. It was the ink on the page found under the byline that read “John Tomase” that caused Tom Brady, Randy Moss and crew to lose.

At least that’s what the Pats fans have been thinking since February. (PATS FANS.COM’s Official John ‘Borges’ Tomase Should Be Fired Thread” was born on February 6). Fuel was added to the fire this spring when former member of the Patriots’ video staff Matt Walsh handed over eight tapes, yet the Rams’ walkthrough was not one of them. According to PRO FOOTBALL TALK, it looks as though Patriots fans’ wish has come true.

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