Erin Andrews Always Uses Protection At Games

• Please don’t bother Erin Andrews while she’s trying to work  - or her Bristol-based bodyguards will beat you up.

Erin Andrews

(”If you come even this close to me, my boys will snap your neck.“)

• Yardbarker’s Dewey Hammond gets all choked up meeting MMA fighter Frank Shamrock.

• An ex-Florida Gator who swiped a dead woman’s credit card is charging toward a spot on the Ole Miss roster.

• The Massillon Tigers get their own 80,000-square foot indoor football practice facility. Did we mention that Massillon is a high school in Ohio?

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Goodell’s Next Target: Super Bowl Ticket Scalpers

Say what you want about Roger Goodell’s reign of terror as NFL commish, the bottom line is that generally anything he’s wanted to do, he’s done. Roger wanted to clean up the league’s image, so he started suspending players for doing anything that may sully it. Roger wanted the Patriots Spygate story to go away, so he did that as well just by saying he saw the footage and there was nothing to be concerned about.

Of course, it’s not just the teams and players that make up his NFL that Goodell is concerned about. He does care about the fans as well, and obviously he cares about the league’s premier event: the Super Bowl. So for his next trick, Roger plans on finding a way to help fans get a chance to actually go to the Super Bowl by keeping tickets out of the hands of scalpers.

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