NBC Hopes To Cook Up Football Fun w/New Book

Are you ready for some football? And are you ready to enjoy some grilled gridiron cuisine & tackle some tasty turf-inspired snacks?

Well, we have just the thing for you - a Sunday Night Football cookbook!

Sunday Night Football cookbook

(The NBC Peacock tried unsuccessfully to have all poultry recipes removed)

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY serves up the news that NBC Sports has teamed up with Time, Inc., to create a literary work combining food & football. The cookbook is expected to hit stores next month with a suggested retail price of $27.95. Although that might seem a bit steep for directions on how to make nachos, all proceeds from the book sales will apparently go to charity.

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NFL and NBC Team Up to Join the 21st Century

The beauty of the internet is that you can watch, in some form, almost anything online. March Madness, Pr0n, Major League Baseball, streaming video of weddings at Waffle House, you name it. Except of course, the NFL. You can’t watch it online because the league wants a monopoly just hasn’t found a suitable method for broadcasting the games.


Mercifully though, NBC will, according to the WALL STREET JOURNAL, help usher the NFL into the modern world of the interwebs, finally allowing us to watch games on the small Google screen. But since they’re only using NBC (and ergo a nationally televised game), the only people who win in this agreement are those with internet but no basic cable. Unless you count watching twice as much Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann a “win”.

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Andrea Kremer Blasts ESPN For MNF Demotions

Hat tips to Michael David Smith at the AOL FANHOUSE for finding this USA TODAY piece by its sports media columnist, Michael Heistrand, in which NBC’s Sunday Night Football sideline reporter Andrea Kremer and producer Fred Gaudelli take shots at ESPN for cutting back the roles of sideline reporters Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya on Monday Night Football next year.

Andrea Kremer

It’s worth noting that both Kremer and Gaudelli worked for ESPN before heading to NBC, but they take the Four-Letter to task — Kremer saying that the network’s demotion of Kolber and Tafoya sets back women, with Gaudelli adding that it’s more proof of ESPN being better with studio programs than live sporting events.

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Buffalo Bills To Be On NBC Primetime Against New England Patriots

BILLS GET PRIMETIME VIEWING FOR SHOWDOWN VS. PATS: Once again this season, the Buffalo Bills will be able to flex their muscles on primetime TV:

Buffalo Bills retro Dallas night

The BUFFALO NEWS reports that Marshawn Lynch & friends will be on NBC’s Sunday Night Football on November 18 - thanks to the NFL’s flex schedule. The format allows the Peacock network to grab a more interesting match-up from the possible snoozefest penciled in.Of course, the real reason for the move is due to the Bills’ opponent - the New England Patriots.

Patriots Bills

Earlier this season, Ralph Wilson Stadium was on primetime for the first time in 13 years, when Buffalo put up a valiant but losing effort against Dallas. Maybe the darkness can help the Bills extinguish the Pats’ undefeated record.Bills management may want to ask Indy to borrow some CDs for their stadium speakers.