Sun Bowl Warns Panther Fans: Don’t Go To Juarez

Dear Pittsburgh Panthers football fans: have fun while visiting scenic El Paso this week for your team’s Sun Bowl appearance against Oregon State. But the PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW has a bit of advice for you: for the love of God, whatever you do, don’t go into neighboring Juarez, Mexico for a fun-filled night on the town. That is, unless you want it to turn into a bullet-filled night.

Sun Bowl visitors are treated to a real movie scene

Juarez is the front line of the current war taking place between the Mexican government and the drug lords who really run the country. Essentially, it’s turned into “Traffic” but not nearly as uplifting. There have been nearly 1,600 homicides in Juarez in the past year, including 150 in December alone.

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Will The Village People’s Halftime Show Top Hoff?

In terms of halftime shows for mediocre bowl games, the gauntlet has been thrown down. The Las Vegas Bowl fired the first shot by announcing that David Hasselhoff would be bringing his unique vocal talents to their extravaganza. But Sun Bowl organizers have followed that up with a bombshell announcement of their own: The Village People will be performing at halftime.

The Village People

That’s right, the group that brought you such hits as “In The Navy” and “Go West” will be thrilling the crowds who are too drunk or sleepy to head out to the concession stand. Of course, the band was chosen for their connection to the city of El Paso and their background with the traditional … wait, I was thinking of Marty Robbins, and he’s been dead for 25 years. I have no idea what The Village People have to do with El Paso other than being affordable.

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