Japan Upsets US In Final Olympic Softball Match

Jennie Finch & the U.S. softball team gets jumped by Japan in the sport’s final Olympic gold-medal game.

US softball loses gold gets silver

Mark Spitz says he could’ve taken Michael Phelps - to at least a tie.

Jerry Jones pops up an idea on how to keep Peter King quiet.

Gene Upshaw goes to that great bargaining table in the sky.

• Chinese authorities have no problem sentencing 70-year-old ladies to manual labor. It’s their own fault for complaining about their houses being bulldozed for the Olympics.

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Pothead Sumo Has Worst Case Of Munchies Ever

Apparently it isn’t just NBA players like Josh Howard who love “the weed” - the pot menace is now hitting sumo wrestling. CNN reports that 335-pound Russian sumo Wakanoho was arrested this week after police say they found a dime bag in his wallet. Needless to say, they take their sports heroes smoking pot a little more seriously in Japan than we do in the U.S. - Wakanoho has been fired by the Japanese Sumo Association, as has his manager.

Sumo wrestler/pothead Wakanoho

Which leads to more questions than answers: could 1/3 ounce of pot have any impact on a massive sumo? If so, this stuff must make “The Pineapple Express” seem like oregano. And more importantly, just what does a sumo wrestler eat when he has the “munchies?” I can’t imagine they have enough Twinkies, Corn Nuts and gas station corn dogs in Tokyo to last. Picture Michael Phelps’ daily food binge times 100.

This isn’t the first time Wakanoho has been in trouble with the sumo elite.

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Fukudome Finds Familiar Faces During LA Trip

The Cubs should probably sign this guy so they can finally get out of that Jim Edmonds deal.

Sumo Wrestling Baseball

This is Hakuho. He checks in at about 340 bills, which makes him about 15 pounds lighter than Prince Fielder. Read more…

Sumo Wrestler Fined for Caste-Iron Spoon Attack

Sumo’s got a bit of an image problem these days. (Note we didn’t say “a huge problem”.) The cruelty taken by each young wrestler during their completely isolated training would bring defenders of Eight Belles and Barbaro to their feet in disgust. (Note we didn’t say “cruelty absorbed by the bodies of each young wrestler”.)

Sumo wrestler with a ladle.  Of course.

The caste system in sumo wrestling, combined with the violent nature of the sport, the cocoon-like existence of a sumo wrestler, and their attendant stardom in sumo-crazy Japan has led to abuse of young wards in various bizarre ways. Which leads us to this: one of the older sumo wrestlers just received a temporary paycut for attacking a younger wrestler with a ladle.

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Photo: Mark Mangino & Phil Fulmer Sumo Wrestling

MANGINO & FULMER PROVE TO BE TONS OF FUN FOR BCS: EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY gets heavy handed, as they throw their weight into the college postseason picture:

Mark Mangino Phil Fulmer sumo

That’s our own Mark Mangino grappling with Phil Fulmer over the final BCS bowl slot, while Charlie Weis and Ralph Friedgen can only sit in the background and observe what might have been.And Bill Parcells looks like he wants to get his money’s worth for those pricey courtside seats.