LeBron Adds 59-Year-Old Footballer to Rep Group

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports LeBron James has found some new blood to represent - a 59-year-old college football player:

LeBron James Mike Flynt kids

The Cavs star’s management firm, LRMR, has signed Mike Flynt to their group, hoping to grab some goods & services for their gridiron grandpa.

Flynt made news this season by completing his collegiate career at Sul Ross State University - 36 years after leaving campus. Learning he had one year of eligibility left, Flynt stepped back on the field for the first time since 1971. And it wasn’t as a reserve kicker - Flynt filled his role at linebacker.

Mike Flynt old football player

LeBron was impressed enough with Flynt’s story to bring him on board his team: “He didn’t allow anyone to take away the dream he had, no matter how old he was or what he went through….that’s a great story. He never gave up on his dream.”

The agency has plans to turn Flynt’s daring into dollar signs, from selling fitness products to signing movie & TV deals.

And Flynt seems ready for a new challenge: “I’m so excited about being involved with these young guys. It’s like being with the teammates I just left.”

59-Year-Old Former College Football Player Finally Returns To The Field

59-YEAR-OLD PLAYER FINALLY GETS BACK ON THE FIELD: Over a month ago, we shared the story of a 59-year-old ex-college player looking for a chance to play football once again. Not only did he make the team, he finally hit the turf this weekend and helped his squad clinch a win:

Mike Flynt old football player

YAHOO! SPORTS updates the saga of Mike Flynt, the senior senior who secured a spot on the Sul Ross State football team at the beginning of the season. Flynt didn’t see any actual action this year due to a groin injury.But on Saturday, he trotted on the field as a collegian for the first time since 1971. Flynt appeared in 9 plays, coming in as a blocker during kicking situations.

Most importantly, he was on the offensive line blocking for Sul Ross’s last play - a 41-yard field goal that gave the Lobos a 45-42 triple-OT victory over Texas Lutheran:

Mike Flynt block

When it was all finally over, was Flynt exhausted from the physical play and extra periods?Are you kidding?

With a big post-game grin on his face, Flynt admitted, “I’ve enjoyed every bit of this. Stepping out on the field was kind of the exclamation point.”

All 6 members of Flynt’s family were in the Jackson Field stands for his gridiron re-debut. Right after Mike trotted off after his first play in, his daughter Delanie turned to her 1 1/2-year old son Colin and joyously told him, “Your grandpa just played football!