Jeff Reed Arrested For Towel Dispenser Attack

Steelers kicker Jeff Reed is known for being eccentric and slightly over the top when it comes to crime and or debauchery. If you need convincing, just look at his hair at any time. For Reed, his ‘do is always an apt metaphor for his personality; whether it’s bleached blond or just completely unruly, it always seems to show as little control as he does.

Jeff Reed drunk

That’s precisely why, despite it’s bizarre nature, his latest crime isn’t all that surprising. According to the PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW, Reed was frustrated that a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom of a Sheetz (basically, the unnatural love child of a Subway and a 7-Eleven) was empty, and decided to take out said frustration on the machine itself. He then hurled as many obscenities as possible in the general direction of the store’s cashiers and onlookers outside.

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Tiger Rag: Something For LSU Loser In Your Life

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LSU Fan Ring

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