Barry Berates Radio Host For Cutting Down Kobe

Rick Barry will always be known first and foremost for his volcanic temper, and that’s saying something, considering how great he was as a player. Sure, he led the Warriors to their latest and only NBA championship, in 1975. But he’s also known as the guy who famously took a swing at former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, then a New York Knick. I hear he also tried to fight that kid from “The Sixth Sense,” but can’t verify that.

Rick Barry

Some still insist that Barry was the greatest NBA small forward they’ve ever seen: the complete package, technically, in every sense. But the man who said he hated mediocrity more than anything never landed in the real big time in his second career, broadcasting. Of course, he was an NBA analyst on CBS before the infamous “watermelon smile” comment about Bill Russell. That’s the most notable example of what happens when a man shoots first and asks questions later, as Barry has done his entire life. And here’s just the latest example.

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