Jonathan Ericsson Is A Bigger Man Than You Are

When the Wings and Penguins kick off the Stanley Cup Finals tonight in at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit defenseman Jonathan Ericsson is going to feel like a part of him is gone. And he’d be right, since he had his appendix removed in emergency surgery on Wednesday. And, since that’s an invasive surgery that involves some recovery time, his doctors surely have told him that he’ll miss the series, right?

Jonathan Ericsson

Not exactly. In fact, Wings coach Mike Babcock said yesterday that Ericsson would be ready to go tonight. After all, he’s had two full days to recover from the invasive, organ-shifting procedure. Who wouldn’t be ready to play NHL hockey by now? Ericsson’s reply to Babcock’s assurance? Uh, we’ll see about that.

And speaking of the game tonight, it appears that good seats are readily available for much less than they would’ve run you last year.

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Nebraska Spring Football Tickets Going for $250?

We all know that spring football games are just a ruse by universities to make a bunch of cash by giving rabid fans their offseason fix. It’s a fun day of tailgating without having to worry that your team will lose to Toledo.

Nebraska Spring Game Tickets

But things are getting way too crazy over in Lincoln, Nebraska, where a pair of seats for Cornhuskers’ April scrimmage will set you back as much as $253, according to StubHub. Perhaps Nebraska fans are just excited that the Huskers will be playing someone they can beat.

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Orange Bowl Tix Now Cost Less Than A Shamwow

Looking for good seats to a BCS bowl game? Do you have loose change scattered around the house? Then you’re in luck. We all know that most bowl games will see a bit of a dip in attendance this year due to the rough economy, but things are bordering on ridiculous.

Dolphins Stadium

(Luckily, Dolphins Stadium is used to holding sparsely-attended events)

As of last night, Orange Bowl tickets were going on StubHub for as little as $1. The prices have gone up since then, but there are hundreds of seats that can be had for anywhere from $3.25 to $20. It probably doesn’t help that the Virginia Tech-Cincinnati matchup is less desirable than the freaking Poinsettia Bowl. So much for New Year’s Day prestige. More good deals after the jump:

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Brett Favre Helps Jets Sell A Whole Lotta Tickets

So who was the big winner in the Brett Favre sweepstakes? The New York Jets, for suddenly becoming relevant and upgrading from Chad Pennington to perhaps the best quarterback ever? Favre, for getting his wish to play and start this season? Or Jay Glazer, for breaking the news of the trade despite ESPN having dispatched a whole platoon of reporters?


Turns out the answer might be none of those, but ticket reseller StubHub. The SILICON ALLEY INSIDER estimates that the company made $400,000 as a result of the Favre trade in the first 24 hours alone, thanks to thousands of New Yorkers suddenly remembering that they are New York Jets fans and wanting to buy tickets. Favre is impacting more than just jersey sales: he’s turning into his own cottage industry.

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