SD Padres’ Fire Sale Could Start With GM Arsonist

San Diego Padres general manager Kevin Towers threw another snit fit yesterday after the Padres’ 30th loss in 47 games this season:

“It’s the way you play the game,” said Towers, visibly angry. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the intensity and how you carry yourself.

“We’ve got some hungry players down below looking for an opportunity. There’s not one player in the system who is going to turn it around. If we make changes, it will be wholesale.”

I Can Get It For You Wholesale - San Diego Padres

We weren’t aware part of Petco Park’s charm was its glass exterior. Or is it merely that Mr. Towers prefers fan-pandering platitudes about heart and passion, as if a six-week slump reflects upon the moral fortitude of a man? Is it alright if the team blows as long as they trash the locker room after each loss and listen to The Smiths in a darkened hotel room after each road game?

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