Kendra Shows You How Her “Sports Pole” Works

Only a few more weeks until Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett are forever tied in the bonds of holy wedlock! (They’ve already been working on their wedding tans.) Any idea what gifts you’re going to get for the Girl Next Door and the Eagles receiver? The couple neglected to tell me where they’re registered. But I do have an idea of what Kendra’s bridesmaids & Hank’s groomsmen will be getting for their wedding party gifts - stripper poles!

Kendra Wilkinson Sports Pole

Oh, sorry - I mean “sports poles”!

In one of our previous articles on Ms. Wilkinson, the Playboy-based piece o’ tail & aspiring entrepreneur mentioned she would soon be coming out with her own exercise pole, making sure that Carmen Electra wasn’t cornering the market. Well, she was true to her word, as the Kendra Wilkinson Sports Pole is ready to ship out across the U.S.A.!

Even better, Kendra is more than happy to show us how it works. See what the pole can do to for you after the jump.

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