Nutcase Fan Can’t Keep Federer From French Title

From the moment Rafa Nadal got knocked out last week, this French Open pretty much handed to Roger Federer. Upstart Swede Robin Soderling couldn’t stop him, and neither could one overzealous fan who came on to the court to try and give Federer an FC Barcelona hat midway through the second set.

Jimmy Jump and Roger Federer

We’re not huge tennis fans around here (huge tennis boobs are another story), so we welcome any attempts by streakers and nutjobs to liven up Roland Garros. And with one of the hardest-hitting security-on-fan tackles you’ll see, we can’t say this morning that tennis isn’t a contact sport.

Identity of the fan, and video after the jump.

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Citi Field Streaker Spent 8 Years Planning His Run

On Tuesday morning Craig Coakley woke up and went to work with a smile on his face.  That’s because he knew that Tuesday was going to be the last time he woke up as a nobody, for he was going to make his mark on the world that night.  Then his moment arrived when he stripped off his clothes, tied a toy monkey around his waist, and became the first streaker in the history of Citi Field.

Craig Coakley

It was an epic, magical moment that all of those in attendance with share with family and friends for years to come.

For Coakley I’m sure his life as a plumber is over, and now a new world of celebrity and power surely awaits him.  That or possibly a year in jail and definitely a fine, but that’s cool too.  A year in jail is nothing compared to the eight years Coakley spent planning his moment in the spotlight.

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Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: Various State of Undress

The LADIES… want us to see nude men treated violently. How can we say no?

We suppose we should make this up to you. Here’s women that have a dubious link to golf (link NFSW if you come upon this Monday morning):

Golf babe

(What a lousy grip)

And here’s women that have a rather definite link to synchronized swimming:

Synchronized swimming

(Stop breaking physical laws! Stop it right now!)

And here’s a live blog we recommend: DAME OF EXTRA TIME’s Spain-Italy coverage; match starts at 2:45 pm ET on ESPN. To keep with the theme, we don’t care if you wear pants during the liveblog, but don’t brag about it, eh?

More pandering after the jump:
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Streaker Upstages David Beckham Vancouver Exhibition Game

BECKHAM LEAVES (STREAK) MARK NORTH OF THE BORDER: Now that the MLS season is over for the Los Angeles Galaxy (at least that’s what we hear), it makes perfect sense for David Beckham to play on a gimpy knee and ankle in an exhibition on artificial turf against sub-standard opposition.

Streaker At Beckham Game

That was the case last night in Vancouver. And we’re happy to report that somehow, by the grace of god, Becks wasn’t injured (again)! And from the most noteworthy photos and video from the game, it’s also heartening to note that he finally made his (streak) mark north of the border.

David Beckham has truly been a blessing to those of us in SoCal this summer, and it’s about time we shared the wealth with our toque-wearing continental brethren.

Swiss Chalet

And after this profound gesture of goodwill from the L.A. Galaxy, perhaps we will finally realize our first SoCal Swiss Chalet franchise (oh how our hearts ache for poutine).

Streaker Excites Otherwise Dull Giants-Dolphins Game in London

BRIT IN THE BUFF WOWS WEMBLEY WITH SUDDEN SHOW: With their 8th straight loss, the Miami Dolphins are in the middle of an ugly streak. So, it’s bad enough the team had to endure another one in London:

POPJOCKS lets it all hang out, as video evidence confirms a British bloke in the buff bouncing around at midfield during Sunday’s NFL international extravaganza.Wearing nothing but a hat and a strategically-placed football, the buffoon in the birthday suit managed to entertain the Wembley crowd for a few seconds. However, security soon scampered off the silly sans-clothing spectator.

It’s hard to tell what was more stomach-churning to watch - this guy’s on-field aerobics, or the rest of the game.