LeBron Denies Inviting Court Invader To NJ Game

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER passes along word that LeBron James has denied inviting a court-invading fan to his next game.

Anthony Erskine LeBron James

The Cavaliers star says he did not offer an invitation to Anthony Erskine to Wednesday night’s contest against New Jersey. The 17-year-old fan was arrested for running onto the court during last week’s Cavs-Knicks game, claiming he just wanted to meet his favorite player. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Shaq Really Thinks He’s Superman

• FAN IQ finds footage from Sunday of Shaq thinking he’s really Superman, as the Big Cactus soars into Spurs spectators:

• 100% INJURY RATE loves the smell of napalm and pine tar in the morning, as Marlins reliever Logan Kensing likes to shoot at animals from helicopters.

• SCENE DAILY races over news that Tony Stewart had a bad day with Goodyear.

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