Pothead Sumo Has Worst Case Of Munchies Ever

Apparently it isn’t just NBA players like Josh Howard who love “the weed” - the pot menace is now hitting sumo wrestling. CNN reports that 335-pound Russian sumo Wakanoho was arrested this week after police say they found a dime bag in his wallet. Needless to say, they take their sports heroes smoking pot a little more seriously in Japan than we do in the U.S. - Wakanoho has been fired by the Japanese Sumo Association, as has his manager.

Sumo wrestler/pothead Wakanoho

Which leads to more questions than answers: could 1/3 ounce of pot have any impact on a massive sumo? If so, this stuff must make “The Pineapple Express” seem like oregano. And more importantly, just what does a sumo wrestler eat when he has the “munchies?” I can’t imagine they have enough Twinkies, Corn Nuts and gas station corn dogs in Tokyo to last. Picture Michael Phelps’ daily food binge times 100.

This isn’t the first time Wakanoho has been in trouble with the sumo elite.

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