The Big Fat Lie Behind Pirated Sports Video Sites

Tuesday the United States Department of Homeland Security shut down several highly-trafficked websites known to link and embed video streams of live sporting events along with all other forms of live and archived video entertainment. (Movies, television shows, etc.)

Veetle stolen content hosted from the United States

(Widespread pirated video mainly enabled by U.S.-based sites)

Beginning Tuesday morning the homepages of those pirated video sites, which I will not identify, had been taken down and replaced by the below message from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

DHS shutdown message on pirate sports video sites

Naturally the overwhelming negative reaction from those supporting such activities was to claim that the U.S. government was overstepping its authority.

Justin TV scam reveald

(The scam: How it works)

Actually, we didn’t go far enough. Not even close.

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