$7 Mil In Bling Stolen From Mayweather’s House

I had my car stereo broken into back when I was in high school, and I was furious. Technically, it wasn’t a car stereo, but a giant boom box (the size you might see during a scene in Beat Street). And it wasn’t really my car, either - it was my Dad’s Buick. Needless to say, I was quite a hit with the ladies.

Floyd Mayweather money

The point is that I would have paid good money to catch the lowlifes who broke into the car while I was at the movies. So I can sympathize with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who according to KVBC-TV in Las Vegas, is offering a $100,000 reward for information about stuff taken from his home during a robbery last month. The difference between him and I, though, is that while my “stuff” could be bought at K-Mart for around $50, his “stuff” is jewelry estimated to be worth $7 million.

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