Dr.: Viagra Enhances Athletic Performance, Too

Viagra sponsors race cars. It sells ads across the airwaves faster than it can pop out little blue pills, and it’s allegedly helping resuscitate the sex lives of thousands of middle-aged American men. Well, add “athletic performance-enhancer” to the list of modern factoids about the little blue pill because, according to this story in the soccer blog THE OFFSIDE, a Brazilian doctor has determined that the pills can enhance athletic performance when competing at high altitudes. Really.

smiling bob viagara
(Smiling Bob: the new Ronaldinho.)

According to the theory, cooked up by Gremio team doctor Alarico Endres, Viagra will improve performance because it increases blood circulation, which would essentially help it play the role of the common cycling blood booster EPO. If he’s right, the Gremio players could perform at a significant advantage; not only would they have better stamina over the course of the game, but the prospect of fielding a team of 11 players with full erections would certainly cause an opponent to play slacker defense. There would be room to shoot, for sure.

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