Ana Ivanovic Getting In Shape For Her New Beau

• Nice to see Ana Ivanovic giving herself a good workout Down Under.

Ana Ivanovic Photo Workout Bra

• Just like an Iraqi journalist, Chris Webber takes aim at Charles Barkley by chucking a shoe at Chuck.

• With no chance at an NFL career, a former Iowa State RB sadly decides to jump to his death.

• What pumps you up for gametime? For 49er defensive standout Patrick Willis, it’s cold baths & Phil Collins.

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No NFL Career, Iowa State RB Jumps To His Death

Every year, about 65,000 football players complete their college careers, all with hopes to continue their careers in the National Football League. However, only about 300 players ever actually make it to an NFL roster. One of these hopefuls was former Iowa State running back Stevie Hicks.

Stevie Hicks Iowa State

From 2003 to 2006, Hicks had led the Cyclones in rushing each of the four seasons he played in Ames. And not only was he a star on the field, but well-liked off it, with friends & family recalling how “he was nice to everybody”, and was “really, honestly, truly a good kid.”

Unfortunately, Hicks’ dreams of playing in the pros never came to fruition, not helped by injuries he suffered in his later ISU seasons. And the disappointment of seeing his playing career end was apparently too much to take - so he chose to jump to his death.

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