Outrage: England Telecast Missed Brits First Goal

England gave away a possible World Cup win over the U.S.A. today thanks to a goalkeeper gaffe, but at least the Brits had one goal against America to cheer about in what ended a 1-1 tie.

England National Telecast Misses Brits First Goal

If only they’d seen it.

The United Kingdom’s national ITV HD telecast inexplicably cut to commercial just as Steven Gerrard scored England’s lone goal of the match.

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Soccer Match Far Too Exciting For Fan To Survive

We all know British soccer fans take their sports a little too seriously. But we wonder why happiness over a team’s performance would lead one to commit assault or property damage. (Unless we’re Philadelphians; then we don’t need to wonder).

Soccer Babes

(No, it wasn’t this photo and a heart attack that killed him.)

But I think there’s something universally touching about a man so excited over a gamewinning goal that he leaps out of his chair so fast that he falls, hits his head, and dies. (I had to link to two stories on this since the integrity of two British tabloids is equal to one normal newspaper.)
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