The Jets Will Take Just About Anybody At Punter

You, sir! Yes, you, in the cubicle with the tie that doesn’t fit very well and the 6.5 40 speed. Want to be a professional football player? Well, get your ass up to New York, amigo, because the Jets are redefining “desperate.”

Rex Ryan Jets
(”Can we find anyone who can kick a damn football? I’m sorry, what’s that? We can’t? Uh-oh.”)

According to the NEW YORK TIMES, the Jets are looking for a solution at the least-athletic position on the football field. They’ve burned through so many other prospects that hey, it might as well be you.

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NFL Goats Wear Wedding Bands, Watch On Field

The Broncos are officially the worst 3-0 team in NFL history after the Saints handed Denver a 34-32 win yesterday. The goat of the game? Undoubtedly kicker Martin Gramatica, who missed a makeable 43-yard field goal with 1:53 to go that could’ve given the Saints a victory.

Martin Gramatica Steve Weatherford Wedding Ring Watch

(Not pictured: Cellphone Gramatica used to catch cab in avoiding media)

Making Gramatica and holder Steve Weatherford all-the-more endearing to their bloodied, exhausted teammates was their postgame reaction to the kick, and stylish on-field accoutrements.  Read more…