Rex Ryan Mourns Ravens Loss By Taking Jets Job

While we know that for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers that Sunday was a great day and both teams were celebrating deep into the night, the feelings had to be the exact opposite for members of the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.  Of course, how they responded to their heartbreak, we can’t be sure. For the Ravens, a lot of their postgame thoughts were probably devoted to Willis McGahee and whether or not he was still alive, but not defensive coordinator Rex Ryan’s.

Most of the Ravens probably hadn’t even finished showering or toweling themselves off when the New York Jets called Rex, and as Ray Lewis was no doubt still beating Joe Flacco in the corner of the locker room, Ryan was accepting an offer to become the next head coach of the Jets.

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It’s Never Too Early To Bet On The Patriots In 2010

Everyone and their mother puts a little money down on the Super Bowl. From absurd prop bets like the length of the National Anthem to casual pools at the office, you don’t need to be a degenerate to let money decide your rooting interest. It’s like a gambling bandwagon.

NFL Gambling

But that can turn veteran degenerate gamblers off. People who don’t know what they’re doing, moving the line in unexpected ways. It can be infuriating. But never fear: there are still ways to put that second mortgage to good use. While betting on Super Bowl 43 is passé, how about betting on Super Bowl 44?

The Patriots are the clear favorites to win the 2010 Super Bowl at 8-1, at least according to the offshore odds, which are just as good as Vegas but with better tax laws. But there are some more curious frontrunners. Those, and a look at last year’s odds (i.e. how much you could have made off the Cardinals), after the jump.

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The NY Post Apparently Enjoys SbB’s Gift For Gifs

Where the MSM’s disdain doesn’t bother us as much as it bothers Shaq:

• Imitation must be the sincerest form of flattery, as The NEW YORK POST appreciates a good animated gif when they see one:

Old New York Post paper machine

• One of Dan Patrick’s favorite daily web stops has been offline for over a year.

• Some Pro Bowlers are con about taking the trip to Hawaii.

• Bills owner Ralph Wilson says his team’s not shuffling off from Buffalo - yet.

• Now ladies can replace their mother’s milk with a nice merlot, with the booze bra know as the Wine Rack:

Wine Rack before & after

Curt Schilling might not be able to shoulder a whole ‘nother season with the Red Sox.

• New York DC Steve Spagnuolo uses the other D.C. to get a Giant raise.

• Wednesday’s US-Mexico soccer match was such a “friendly” game that two people were shot afterwards.

Skins Get Spags Game Room He’s Always Wanted

Mike Garafolo of the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER reports that Steve Spagnuolo, courted for the better part of two days by the Washington Redskins for their vacant head coaching job, will be returning next season as the Giants defensive coordinator.

Steve Spagnuolo

Bob LaMonte, Spagnuolo’s agent, today confirmed the decision to stay with the Giants and rebuff the Redskins earlier this morning.

Spagnuolo never had any intention of taking the Redskins job, since he would have little say in assistant coach hires and personnel decisions. His interest in the gig was limited to using the courtship to get a raise, which he did (a new three-year contract for more than $2 million per year).

Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST defends Dan Snyder in all of this, kinda sorta. Also, we’ve still got our money on Pete Carroll.

Blog-A-Roni: Salisbury Calls Clayton “Cryptkeeper”

• Who says ESPN isn’t entertaining anymore (besides most sports fans)? WITH LEATHER digs up video of Sean Salisbury calling John ClaytonThe Cryptkeeper“.

(Real fun starts about 1:20 in)

• DC SPORTS BOG knows that behind every great defensive coordinator, there’s a wife cutting his hair and telling him to kick Tom Brady’s ass. (Wonder what Brady’s barber’s rebuttal would be?)

• Meanwhile, Brady’s Super Bowl loss must still really sting. After bowing out of the Pro Bowl, WAGGLE ROOM slices up news that the Pats QB is also pulling out of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am (and so is Bill Belichick & Bill Murray).

• Speaking of the Pats coach, Mike Bianchi of the ORLANDO SENTINEL wants to know who’s the biggest jerk in sports.

• DEADSPIN follows up on Will Leitch’s wild night in Lipstick City.

Will Leitch rockin' in L.A.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT finds these soccer players’ skills most impressive.

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