Steinbrenner Lockdown: Media, MLBers “Trapped”

Scott Miller of reports that George Steinbrenner’s health must be seriously failing if the treatment he received at Yankee Stadium for the World Series was any indication.

George Steinbrenner Now Wheelchair Bound

When Steinbrenner exited the stadium after Game 2, elevators were shut down (without warning!), stairwells were locked and …

Mechanized gates dropped suddenly from the ceiling to confine some officials to certain areas of the corridor — including some surprised major league baseball officials who were not told beforehand and were suddenly trapped — and keep them away from the vehicles transporting Steinbrenner. Temporary curtains were quickly set up as well to block views.

Was NY Post ‘interview’ with Steinbrenner a sham?

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Hasselbeck: Giants “Relieved” Shockey Is Absent

One of our colossal regrets about the lead-up to Sunday’s Super Bowl is that Jeremy Shockey won’t be involved. If anyone could’ve livened up the drab pregame proceedings, it was the tattooed former member of The U.

Jeremy Shockey On Crutches With A Broken Leg

But we’re not so sure that would’ve been good for the Giants on the field. One prominent NFL player, Tim Hasselbeck, said recently on Sportsnet New York (SNY) that the Giants are “relieved Shockey’s not around.” And some speculate that Eli Manning was the source of Hasselback’s claim.

Steve Serby of the NEW YORK POST recently checked up on Shockey, who is rehabbing his broken leg in Florida. Read more…