NFL Films Toss Folks Out On The Frozen Tundra

The PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS by way of PRO FOOTBALL TALK projects the sad news that 21 employees of NFL Films have been shown the door.

NFL Films Football Follies VHS

President Steve Sabol delivered the awful announcement personally to the pushed-out workers last week, with some of those let go having been with the company for decades. Sabol said it was “one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. These people were like family.”

After 40 years of cinematic service to the National Football League, what caused the company to start trimming more than just editing reels?

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Bonus Coverage: Liddell Once Part of SB Security

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED chats with Chuck Liddell about being a Super Bowl VIP. But the big guy has been to the Big Game before - as a security guard.

Chuck Liddell with ladies

• Meanwhile, ESPN’s HASHMARKS talks with NFL Films prez Steve Sabol, who remembers trying to sell a dozen seats to the first Super Bowl: “I was only able to sell two tickets for $6.”

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Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG learns that Larry Johnson’s not the only Chief with expensive tastes in jewelry, as Dwayne Bowe shows off his bling.

Dwayne Bow bling

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING thanks the Jimmy Kimmel Show for putting together a retrospective of Emmitt “Word” Smith.

• Clip ‘n’ save: Tom Hoffarth of INSIDE SOCAL runs down FOX’s Super Bowl Sunday schedule. (*Spoiler alert* - the festivities conclude with a very special episode of “House”.)

• LOSER WITH SOCKS uncovers a fashion faux pas among the Crimson Tide - Bear Bryant’s hat was not houndstooth.