Documents Say Canucks Bertuzzi Was Told By Coach To Attack Avalanches Moore

COACH PROVOKED BERTUZZI TO SUCKER-PUNCH OPPONENT: New allegations say that Todd Bertuzzi was just following orders when he sent opponent Steve Moore to the hospital and eventually out of the NHL.

The TORONTO STAR reports that the former Canuck star blindsided the Avalanche player in a 2004 game after a second intermission speech from then-coach Marc Crawford.According to court documents, Crawford had “angrily pointed” to Moore’s name on the roster and told his team that the player “must pay the price.” In the following period, Bertuzzi punched Moore in the side of the head and drove his head into the ice.

Documents further allege that after Moore’s hit, “a television camera panned to Crawford who was smirking.”

Todd Bertuzzi inmate heclker

However, when Vancouver police questioned the Canucks players shorty after the attack, no one mentioned any inflammatory Crawford speech.The documents were presented as part of Moore’s $38 million civil suit against Bertuzzi and the Canucks franchise. And for some reason, Steve’s parents are also suing for $3.5 million.