Steve Largent Defends Jim Zorn, Piles On Snyder

We feel a little bad for Steve Largent. The Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Seahawks turned to politics after football, and national politics means you have to move to Washington. Moving to Washington means you have to watch the Redskins, and watching the Redskins means you have to want to stab your eyes out.

Steve Largent and Jim Zorn are BFFIBJs! (Best Friends Forever in Blue Jeans)
(It was a different era, I guess.)

So while Largent was back in Seattle today during the congressional offseason, he was asked by KGO-AM about the football situation in Washington. Turns out Largent’s a close friend of ‘Skins head coach - for now - Jim Zorn (seen above, totally BFFing with Largent in their Seattle playing days), which means you know exactly where he’s going with this interview.

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