Hank: “Alcohol And Hot Dogs” Once Fueled MLB?

We’ve been enjoying the reax from Alex Rodriguez’ wagon circlers after Jose Canseco accused him of being interested in acquiring steroids. Hank Steinbrenner’s defense of Rodriguez to the BERGEN RECORD left us chuckling (and hungry and thirsty):

“Consider the source, that’s No. 1,” Steinbrenner said of Canseco. “He wouldn’t have been able to hit the ball out of the infield without steroids.

Hank Steinbrenner

“And No. 2, if Mantle or Ruth were playing today, with the 550-foot home runs they hit, everybody’d be saying they were on something. They didn’t even lift weights in those days. They played on alcohol and hot dogs.

Great stuff. Though we actually got more of a kick out of comments from ARod’s former confidant (great gig!) to the NEW YORK POST.
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