Stephen Jackson’s Wife: Lengthy Arrest Record

Last Wednesday the wife of NBA player Stephen Jackson was reportedly held at gunpoint by three masked men as the couple’s home was robbed of jewelry, weapons and Louis Vuitton leather accessories. Jackson was out of state at the time of the incident.

Stephen Jackson Wife Renata White Mugshots And Arrest Record

Charlotte police reported that no other homes in the neighborhood suffered a similar fate that day and there were no signs of forced entry into the home.

WSOC-TV in Charlotte also noted:

They (Charlotte Police) are also not sure whether the robbers specifically targeted Jackson.

Sources told Eyewitness News that there are indications that the attack may not have been random, but detectives aren’t commenting on the matter.

Police have also yet to comment on the past arrest record of Jackson’s wife of just over a year, Renata White-Jackson. Read more…

Three Men Hold NBA Wife At Gunpoint, Rob Home

WSOC-TV in Charlotte reports today that three masked men broke into Stephen Jackson’s Charlotte-area home early Wednesday morning, holding Jackson’s wife Renata at gunpoint while they robbed the residence.

Stephen Jackson Wife Renata

According to a police report, the men held her at gunpoint while they took valuables from the home, including several Louis Vuitton wallets, jewelry, a stun gun and a 9 millimeter handgun.

The suspects then locked her in a bathroom, police said.

Stephen Jackson Wife Renata Photos

Jackson, a member of the Charlotte Bobcats, was reportedly “out of state at the time” and apparently wasn’t unaware of the incident until his wife called him later Wednesday. Read more…

Baron Davis “Wants To Come Back” To Warriors?

So there might have been another reason that Clippers point guard/roller skating enthusiast Baron Davis plumped up this off-season other than getting paid $250,00 by Jenny Craig so he could lose the weight by drinking their flavorless shakes. It turns out he might have been eating to mask the depression of being split from his BFF Stephen Jackson.

Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis - together again?

OK, it was probably the $250,00 that did it, but still…it’s clear that things aren’t working out for Davis with the Clippers, and it’s looking more and more like a return to Golden State is imminent. The latest news comes from Stephen Jackson, who told INSIDE BAY AREA that he and Davis hung out on Saturday night and are already plotting Davis’ return to the Warriors:

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China Cares Less About NBA Preseason Than Us?

It’s a play on the old “tree falling in a woods” hypothetical scenario: If the NBA holds a preseason and nobody’s around to see it, does it even happen? Last week Brooks posted about the horrid numbers that NBA preseason action in Vegas was getting, but that looks like a ratings bonanza compared to the amount of interest it received in China.

Empty Seats

(Three’s a crowd?)

In case you didn’t know, the NBA held two preseason games in China last week between the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks. But since these two teams don’t have much in the way of “star power”, pretty much everyone in China went about their daily lives, never even pausing to acknowledge the fact that the NBA even exists.

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Rams RB Jackson Decides To End Long Holdout

You could tell fantasy football owners were starting to get nervous. They were coming into work with bloodshot eyes, earned from a long night of website refreshing. They were calling buddies in St. Louis out of the blue, just to “catch up” and, hey, maybe see if they “happened to know about this Steven Jackson fella.” They were making decision trees, pros-and-cons lists, anything to help decide if they should take Jackson or not. “Players always end their holdouts before the season,” they’d say. “But what if this is the year one of them holds out for real?”

Steven Jackson Rams jump

Time to jump for joy, fantasy footballers. Your long national nightmare is over. Steven Jackson has decided to officially end his 27-day holdout. Marshall Faulk would be proud.

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Melo’s DUI ‘Extreme’; ESPN’s Bondy Bans Obama?

Can’t wait for the day when the daughters of SEC coaches sing about us.

• Here’s all you wanted to know about Carmelo Anthony’sExtreme” DUI.

Carmelo Anthony LaLa Vasquez

At least his gal is enthusiastically standing by him.

• Sure looks like ESPN president George Bodenheimer wants to bar Barack Obama from his network.

• Golfers go under the knife: Tiger Woods needs his knee treated, while John Daly stomachs a muscle tear.

• Could next year’s T-Wolves tickets go for $1 a piece? That still seems a bit steep.

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Stephen Jackson Caught Enjoying The “Glug Life”

DEADSPIN by way of DRUNK ATHLETE catches a glimpse of Golden State Warrior Stephen Jackson living the “Glug Life”:

Stephen Jackson drinking

Jackson’s beverage of choice appears to be Belvedere vodka - the favorite spirit of another sloshed sports personality:

Dana Jacobson Mike & Mike Roast

A liquor producer couldn’t ask for more ringing endorsements.

Stephen Jackson Wants More Hip-Hop At Rams Games

RAMS RB JACKSON WANTS MORE HIP-HOP IN HOME DOME: Tired of the quiet, apathetic atmosphere at home, Stephen Jackson wants to crank it up in the Dome:

Steven Jackson Rams jump

The ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH reports that the Rams RB would like it to be “a little more lively” in the Edward Jones Dome on Sundays.And he thinks broadcasting block rockin’ beats is the answer: “You’ve got to look around the league. There’s hip-hop played everywhere. I don’t know why we think it shouldn’t be played here.

Weird Al Yankovic Straight Outta Lynwood

I think we need to get our fans behind us. And we can’t do it if everything’s quiet.”If Jackson really wants the fans behind them, maybe the 2-9 Rams should try winning some games.

Michael Jordan High On Life; Stephen Jackson Peace And Guns Tattoo

• LION IN OIL has photogenic samples of His Mighty Airness enjoying his air a little too much:

Michael Jordan stoned

• At least it wasn’t steroids: 411 MANIA makes a wrong turn to the ring, as former WWE star and current TNA wrestler Kurt Angle was arrested for drunk driving.

• DEADSPIN isn’t so high on a college backup back who planted some plants in a teammate’s dorm room - and we ain’t talkin’ begonias.

• YAHOO! has the ink on the new tattoo for Golden State’s Stephen Jackson: a pair of praying hands holding a gun:

Tattoo praying hands gun

• PRAY FOR MOJO knows the Yankees are looking good for the post-season, as A-Rod makes a pre-playoff salon visit.

• Speaking of Lucky 13, PART MULE keeps an eye out for the stork, as Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez are expecting kid #2.

• Meanwhile, 100% INJURY RATE wish they used better protection, as Lance Briggs’ baby mama is suing the Bears LB - but for what, they’re not quite sure:

Lance Briggs Chicago Bears

• DC SPORTS BOG turns off the tube, as many Redskins on their bye week passed on watching any football at all.

• RANDBALL sips up news that Andy Roddick wants you to drink him all in, as the tennis star is shilling a new sports beverage.

• BRUINS NATION takes offense to the play calling of UCLA coach Karl Dorrell:

Utah UCLA football

• WITH LEATHER gives a toast to the mayor of Boston, as he asks Red Sox fans and alcohol providers alike to drink and sell responsibly.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA gets in shape, as they check out some NBA training camp routines.