Steve Spurrier’s Birthday Suit At The Gym (NSFW)

Not at my workplace.

Steve Spurrier In His Birthday Suit (NSFW)

(Everybody wants to be a Southwest Baggage Handler these days)

Photo is from a piece by Travis Haney of the CHARLESTON (SC) POST & COURIER this week about how Spurrier, who turned 65 today, is still getting a lift in at the University of South Carolina weight room.

“When I was in my 40s, I never thought I’d coach into my 60s. But now, shoot, I feel better than I did when I was 45.”

In the story, we get waaay too much detail on the coach’s actual workout. Want to be like Steve on the treadmill?

The speed is set to 4 1/2 miles an hour, with a slight incline. It’s essentially as fast as you can walk without jogging.

Thankfully, Spurrier punches up the piece by doing the inevitable: Throwing his quarterback Stephen Garcia under the bus for no good reason.

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Speed Read: Is This Good Enough, Boston Fans?

Cheer up, Boston sports fans. Sure, the Red Sox might have brought you to the brink of exaltation only to send you crashing to the ground like to some junkie with a packet of methadone, but at least the Patriots have kept your hopes adrift for another week with their 41-7 win over the Denver Broncos on Monday night.

Randy Moss

Sure, this might have been a performance against the same team that lost to the putrid Kansas City Chiefs, but it’s something to be proud of, right?  Rodney Harrison might have blown his knee out, a crippling blow to a depleted Patriots secondary, but come on…: did you see Matt Cassel? He’s the second coming of Tom Brady, the wa y he hooked up with Randy Moss. Right? Right???

New 49ers Coach Mike Singletary

New England fans, I’ll let you slepp on your false sense of security for now. At least ou aren’t 49ers fans, who have seen their team go from playoff contenders to also-rans in the course of a few short weeks. Which means that head coach Mike Nolan is gone, replaced by Mike Singletary, who will at least kill his team with his eyes. The eyes, the eyes, oh Lord the eyes!

Here’s what else happened last night while you were out raging against the machine with Tim McGraw:

Gina Carano

How many wins will the Patriots end up with?

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South Carolina Should Heed Zebra Crossing Signs

It hasn’t been a pretty conference schedule for South Carolina. As if facing defending champs LSU wasn’t enough Saturday, they had to deal with some extra shenanigans. In a crucial red zone possession late in the first half, the Gamecocks had to line up against 12 defenders. Why didn’t the ref throw a flag? Because the ref was the 12th man.

[UPDATE: We have an ID on the ref. It’s Wilbur Hackett, Jr., and he was a linebacker at Kentucky.]

Ed Hochuli

(”Referee mad…referee smash!”)

USC QB Stephen Garcia might have had an easy path to the end zone, if not for one zebra who got a little too caught up in the bloodlust that is American Football. (You might’ve seen this already. But have you seen it in Super-Slo-Mo-What-The-Heck-Is-He-Thinking-O-Vision?)

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Spurrier And Shaq Battling For Top Sports Cop?

According to THE STATE, the Ol’ Ball Coach turned into the Ol’ Sheriff last week, as South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier alerted campus police to a suspicious man at the parking lot at Williams-Brice Stadium. The man was later arrested after he was spotted peering into car windows. I’m not saying Shaquille O’Neal has any competition from Spurrier for Top Sports Cop, but it’s nice to see a story involving “Spurrier” and “police” that doesn’t involve cafeteria brawls.

Steve Spurrier

It’s nice to see that Spurrier was able to take time out of his busy schedule of coaching his team to another mediocre, disappointing season to help with safety. His other way of keeping the campus safe? Avoiding any big wins that might lead fans to get rowdy while celebrating.

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