Sign: Forget The Money Mom, Plz Send Condoms

From the San Diego State-St. Mary’s college basketball game last Monday on ESPN.

You Have STD's Sign ESPN College Basketball Broadcast With Terry Gannon And Stephen Bardno

(Thought you could only get that watching The View)

Appears St. Mary’s college basketball fans aren’t afraid to share their sexual afflictions - on television that is. Thankfully, looks like the top part of the sign, which may have been implicating some poor unsuspecting soul, got cut off.

Blissfully unaware Terry Gannon and Stephen Bardo on the call.

We Suspect Dana Jacobson May Be Drinking Again

We suppose that we can forgive Dana Jacobson this minor transgression, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. During ESPN’s “First Take” this morning, Jacobson referred to college basketball analyst Stephen Bardo thusly: “St. Louis is considered one of America’s greatest sports towns, but is it the best? Skip and Stephen A. will debate that, coming up next.” No, Stephen A. Smith has not returned to ESPN (he left the network on May 1 when his contract was not renewed). Don’t panic.

Dana Jacobson

It was just an on-air flub. As AWFUL ANNOUNCING points out, “First Take” has been shuffling co-hosts with Skip Bayless since the departure of the Cheesy Doodled One. Bardo was teamed with Bayless today, his first name obviously overwhelming Jacobson with a wave of nostalgia (or she was hung over. Choose one). Video following the jump. Read more…