Phelps Likes His Strippers and Chewing Tobacco

We’ve learned quite a bit about Michael Phelps since he won all those gold medals last summer, but perhaps nothing was more “shocking” than the fact that a young man likes to take a hit from the bong once in a while. It was Britain’s NEWS OF THE WORLD who were originally kind enough to share those pictures of Phelps toking, and now they’re back with even more fun facts about Phelps.

Michael Phelps Theresa White

That lady in the pink teddy right there is a stripper named Theresa White who works at a club in Baltimore. White claims that she’s gone home with Phelps before with some friends where they engaged in a three-hour love romp suitable for VH1 reality programming. She also shares a few more interesting facts about the Olympic hero, and of course, her breasts, too.

(More pics of tell-all Theresa after the jump.)

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Speed Read: Penn St. & Illinois Stink Up The Joint

Basketball: it’s a beautiful game. Or fantastically ugly, depending on which game you watched last night. On one hand, you had the Phoenix Suns putting up 140 points for the second straight game in their 142-119 victory over the depleted Los Angeles Clippers. On the other, there was Penn State and Illinois, who combined scored exactly one-half as many points as the Suns did in the Nittany Lions’ 38-33 upset victory over the Fighting Illini.

Penn State vs Illinois

Let’s talk about the latter game first. It wasn’t the lowest scoring game since the 45-second shot clock was introduced in 1986, but it was close. (That distinction belongs to Monmouth’s 41-21 win over Princeton in 2006.) They also flirted with the record for fewest combined points in a half, with the two team’s output of 32 just eclipsing the record of 28 set by Mississippi and South Carolina back in 2003.

The box score tells you all you need to know about the debacle. Exactly one player scored in double digits: Penn State’s Talor Battle, who put up 11 points on 3-for-11 shooting. Heck, the Nittany Lions as a team shot 28.3 percent from the field, and they won.

At least the two teams didn’t let a little thing like not being able to hit the broadside of a barn stop them from shooting the deep ball: they combined to go 6-for-33 from the three-point line. And Illinois didn’t attempt a free throw. For the game. Way to be aggressive, guys. But I guess a win’s a win, even if it’s the most embarrassing and pathetic kind possible. Congratulations, Penn State, I guess.

Steve Nash and Al Thorton

And then there are the Suns. You’ll excuse me if I don’t get too excited by the sudden return of the high-scoring, fast-paced, exciting Suns with Alvin Gentry as head coach after putting a hurting on the Clippers on back-to-back nights. First off, it’s the Clippers to begin with, but if a team with Amare Stoudemire (for now) can’t murder a team that’s missing Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, Brian Skinner and Zach Randolph, then something is seriously wrong.

Check back with me on Sunday after you guys visit Boston, and we’ll see how you’re doing.

But the Suns have a date with Oklahoma City before then on Friday, which will be without newly-acquired Tyson Chandler. Permanently. That’s because the Thunder rescinded their trade with New Orleans from Tuesday and sent Chandler back to the Hornets after he failed a physical with their team doctor.

Tyson Chandler

As TRUEHOOP notes, it’s probably going to be pretty awkward in New Orleans as Chandler has to return to the team that just unloaded him for Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox. (By the way, is Joe Smith involved with every strange trade or free agent signing in the NBA?) What makes things even more odd is that Chandler didn’t fail the physical because of his sprained left ankle - it was because of a big toe injury he suffered in 2007. And the Thunder’s doctor was the one who performed the surgery.

And speaking of injuries…Ken Griffey Jr. is back with the Mariners! All joking aside, I think most people of my generation will think it’s pretty neat to see Junior back in a Mariners uniform (presumably) for the rest of his career. And the story of his signing with the Mariners is unique; the SEATTLE TIMES says that apparently the No. 1 salesman for Seattle was Harold Reynolds, a close friend of Griffey’s. He had been working on Griffey to sell him on the move to Seattle when he played his trump card: hugging Willie Mays.

Ken Griffey Jr.

Reynolds set up a phone call between Griffey and the Say Hey Kid, who was Griffey’s idol and the reason he wears No. 24. And sure enough, soon after having the phone conversation with Mays, Griffey told the Mariners that he would sign with them. A great story, although I’m not sure I’d take advice from Willie Mays on how to end your career gracefully.

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Gator Player Ups Ante On Racist Facebook Pages

Facebook - it’s the gift that keeps on giving. You would think that after scandals such as the racist Texas football player’s post-election message, or racy photos posted by Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice and a New England Patriots cheerleader (sadly, not together), athletes would learn that if you post something on your Facebook page, it’s public. And if you post something ignorant, it’s going to be a problem.

Jimbo Tart Facebook page

Apparently Florida lineman Jim Tartt didn’t get the message. THE SPORTING BLOG  looked at his apparent Facebook page and found that he recently joined a group called “Africa gives nothing to anyone — except AIDS.” Which is a lie. To start: Didier Drogba, gazelles, Nelson Mandela, marathon runners, Akon. And that’s just off the top of my head.

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Michael Phelps Still Working On His Breaststroke

As everyone knows, the true reason behind waking up for all of those early morning practices leading up to Beijing isn’t the promotional deals, or the SNL-hosting gigs, or just the overall sense that you’re making your country proud. It’s the ladies. So it’s no shocker to see America’s Champion Michael Phelps already partaking in the spoils of international conquest:

Michael Phelps with the ladies

The photos come from Neel Shah, a writer over at RADAR, who was in Vegas covering a story when he happened upon Phelps in the Palms Casino. There, he caught the 14-time-gold medalist “massively skeeving on girls at the Playboy Club”:

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Aussie Female Athletes Still Figuring Out Facebook

When Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice got into some trouble for her somewhat racy photos found on her Facebook page, a lot of people (including us) paid attention.

Stephanie Rice

However, fellow Australian Olympian, Nikki Hudson apparently was not among those people taking note.

Nikki Hudson Field Hockey

Hudson, the captain of the Aussie Women’s field hockey team, finds herself in some hot water thanks to the content of her Facebook page. Unlike Rice, the content in question on Hudson’s page come in the form of words not photos.

On August 22nd, four days after her team was eliminated from the games, the veteran member of the Hockeyroos (that’s what the locals call their team) wrote the following status message: “Nikki thinks the running of the bulls should be changed & we should be chased by the spainish (sic) mens hockey team. I would definately (sic) make sure I got caught and impaled!”  

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Phelps Bucks Beard, Reportedly Randy With Rice

• Who needs Amanda Beard, when Michael Phelps has Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice to sizzle over.

Stephanie Rice Michael Phelps

• Did Tiki Barber call his MSNBC colleague an Olympic-sized swear word?

• Penn State and Coastal Carolina actually match up pretty well on paper - if that paper is a rap sheet.

• Help Peyton Manning realize his dream of Olympic gold medal glory.

• Could Usain Bolt make in the NFL? We don’t know, but Mike Leach would like the Jamaican sprinter to try Big 12 football first.

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Michael Phelps & Stephanie Rice, Sitting In A Tree

A few days ago former gold medalist swimmer and nude fuzzy little creature activist Amanda Beard wanted everybody to know that she wasn’t interested in dating super human swimmer Michael Phelps. I believe her exact words were “Eww, no!” (Now we know why she has to pose nude for PETA instead of speaking for them.) Well, Michael doesn’t seem to be too heartbroken over the incident.

Michael Phelps Stephanie Rice

Not only did he find out recently that Lindsay Lohan thinks he’s amazing and wants to “hang out” with him, but he’s also found himself another swimmer to make out with. Phelps has been seen spending a lot of time with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice, and by spending a lot of time with, I mean ramming his tongue down her throat.

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Aussie Swimmer’s FHM Spread Makes a Big Splash

More steamy photos of Australian swimmer, Stephanie Rice have made their way online. This time however, the photos are taken by a professional photographer and Rice, sadly is not wearing her sexy cop costume. The medley world record holder who made a splash with her Facebook photos back in April finds herself on the cover of the latest issue of Australia’s FHM.

Stephanie Rice

We are happy to see the latest from 19 year-old swimmer who will be competiting in Beijing next week, the Australian media on the other hand is not too pleased. The headlines of THE DAILY TELEGRAPH read, “Stephanie Rice strips for lad mag FHM.”

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but THE DAILY TELEGRAPH took some liberties with the word “strip.” Rice is actually quite covered. Her swimsuit that she will wear in the pool in Beijing might actually be more revealing.

Judge for yourself, more photos from this spread after the jump.

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Swimmer’s Fun Photos Flushed Off Of Facebook

We can’t imagine what Neil Diamond will sing at his Fenway appearance.

• Aussie officials don’t like it when their Olympic swimmers show themselves having fun on Facebook:

Stephanie Rice Australian swimmer

Earl Campbell keeps his Heisman Trophy at an Austin airport snack bar.

• We didn’t see this one coming - O.J. Mayo is declaring for the NBA Draft.

• In another shocking revelation, the new Sonics owners were planning a move to Oklahoma all along!

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Aussie Swimmer’s Facebook Photos Washed Away

Meet Stephanie Rice, the Australian swimmer who will be fishing for gold this summer in Beijing. And her chances are good, as she recently set new world records at the Australian Olympic trials.

Stephanie Rice Australian Olympic swimmer

But it’s not all work for Steph. She likes to have a good time away from the pool - and like most young gals, wants to share her fun with the world. So, Ric put up a collection of party photos on her Facebook site, and set them up for public viewing.

Stephanie Rice costume party

However, her generous nature has gotten Rice into hot water with her country’s governing swimming body.

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